Monster Hunter World

Part 2 of Stories kinship Ideas

  1. Kulve Taroth – The Fury of El Dorado

A great golden cavern appears and Kulve Taroth reveals herself from the shadows. Kulve climbs upon a crag and rains fire down on everyone, but then as the fire falls from the ceiling, Kulve rains fire down on herself and melts her golden coat. However, instead of just losing her golden coat completely, Kulve lowers her head and drenches her horns in molten Gold, and as it solidifies slightly, it appears as though her horns have become a gigantic flaming battering ram and she charges as she breathes fire and finally locks heads with the opponent. Random Targets, Inflicts burn for 5 turns.

  1. Lao Shan Lung – Mountain Mash

You all appear in a fortress in the mountains, Lao raises his head and roars. Lao then tail whips the base of a nearby mountain range and grabs a hold of a whole mountain in his jaws. He then brings it down on the opponent before then grabbing another and piling more until the area around it is clear flat land. (Simple, as it should be) Multi-target, Slightly lower damage, Stuns for two later turns.

Ashen Lao Shan Lung is the same but throughout it all, Lao takes a mouth full of Cannon ammo each time and detonates the rubble. Finally he crushes the opponent with it at the end with a large explosion crumbling the other mountains.

  1. Gogmazios – Doomsday Hell-Halberd (I've been waiting for this one 🙂 )

Gog starts to heat up and finally takes to the skies, soaring around the opponent and higher into the air, dropping massive amounts of explosive Drakesbone oil.

Gog then reaches a very high point in the air and starts to dive down on the opponent. After picking up speed and re-entry flames appear around Gog, he fires a full power tar beam which streams back in the air, making his whole body alight.

Right before impact, your rider then strikes the dragonator which causes it to set off, extending the flames even further and ending it all off with final impact as the continent practically explodes. Multi-target, Inflicts speed down and burn for three turns, Increases Gogmazios' speed for 3 turns.

  1. Gore Magala – Dark Eclipse

Gore roars and the world is enveloped in darkness, his horn feelers glow in the darkness and Gore suddenly appears in Shagaru's 'air levitating stance' just below the sun before an army of monsters appear, all in a black frenzied haze. Gore then roars, the frenzied monsters all firing combined beams of energy at the sun forming a gigantic pitch black ball of frenzied energy which blocks the Sun, seemingly causing an eclipse which Gore holds with his wingarms before Launching it down on the opponent, consuming everything in a pitch black hazy explosion as you and your monstie watch with a dark arua surrounding you. Multi-target, Inflicts recovery down for 2 turns and becomes severe recovery down for the 3rd turn.

  1. Shagaru Magala – Shining Eclipse

Similar to Dark Eclipse but Shagaru is surrounded by a very strong haze of frenzy and he summons all the Apex monsters with Apex Rajang in front which all fire a beam of Bright white energy instead, though it is still surrounded by the black purplish Apex Haze which Shagaru uses to Eclipse the Moon. Unlike Gore, Shagaru dives down and envelops itself in the ball of frenzy at the end, turning into a shining star that pierces the opponent. Single-target, Inflicts medium damage to the opponent for 3 turns.

  1. / 4. Chaotic Gore Magala – Dual Darklight

Chaotic Gore summons the full deal, a full army of frenzied monsters along with the Apex monsters leading them like Generals. They now both fire off both frenzy novas from the previous Magala causing a split in the world of light and dark in C. Gore's wingarms. C. Gore throws both novas side-by-side this time, but then dives down and through them, causing him to become a split light and dark figure. C. Gore Magala then turns and now circles the opponent while rising above them, the frenzied energy intertwining and creating a Vortex of Chaotic light and dark frenzied energy, before he then stops one more time and with the shine of your kinship stone, you light it all and a violent vortex of dark and bright frenzy energy consumes everything with your C. Gore and yourself in the center of the top glowing with both sides of the frenzy. Multi-target Inflicts light damage to the opponent for 3 turns and recovery down for 3 turns.


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