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Perfect Rush isn’t a good mechanic for sns

Content of the article: "Perfect Rush isn’t a good mechanic for sns"

like, it does a lot of damage but

I've been an sns main since i first started playing mh back in ~2013 with mh3u, and to my understanding the consensus around how to play it best has largely been to abuse elements/statuses and use it's low commitment attacks to get a lot of small attacks in and stick to the monster like glue. additions in gen 4, for example complimented it's play-style, with the back-hop and sns oils adding to it's versatility.

now sns has always been a little bit behind the pack when it comes to dps, and I'd argue the oils helped to fix that issue. they weren't necessarily* overpowered (excluding chaos oil but unless that were to somehow return as a wire-bind skill in rise it doesn't matter much). unfortunately oils didn't return in world and it was clear that sns needed something to push it back up, which is why the perfect rush was added.

the perfect rush is, frankly, broken. it has insane damage numbers and single-handedly pushed sns to one of the better weapons in the game. it was overall a good thing for sns, sure, but to me it just doesn't… fit in with the rest of the sns' kit.

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i said earlier that the sns has been about quick hits, staying mobile to stick to the monster, and abusing elements/statuses. the perfect rush is a high (-ish, you can still roll out of it at the cost of damage. probably comparable to the commitment of a great sword charge) commitment attack with a heavy focus on raw damage that keeps you in place before launching you far away from the monster. it doesn't compliment the sns' play-style, rather just centralizing the flow around whether or not you can get it off/partially off.

sns needed something good to help it keep up with the rest of the weapons, but it feels like world/iceborne's answer to all weapon balance issues is to slap an ultra powerful omega dps move on all the weapons (except lance lol) and call it a day. it personally feels like the developers didn't actually think about how those kinds of attacks actually work with the playstyle.

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tl;dr, the perfect rush goes against the typical playstyle of the sns and i dun like it


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