Monster Hunter World

Please stop nerfing the monsters!11!

this is a rant. Please Dont get your panties in a twist.

Capcom please stop nerfing the fucking monsters. The charm of the game is the difficulty.

If you think i'm talking shit lets put some stuff in perspective.

2nd Gen. Monsters have fucked up hitboxes and you have to deal with it. Get good.

3rd Gen. Monsters have better hitboxes, and can now get tired/exausthed. This is fine i guess. After a burst of attacks and some punching around by the players they are rewarded a chance to strike.

Narga and Tigrex are a joke now. Both spin to win moves nerfed to the ground outside of Rage mode. When they get tired they are super stupid, actually i think the attack speed of the spin move is lowered by 2x more. Still offer a good fight when enraged , thought.

4th Gen. Monsters can be exausthed, mounted, and have better hitboxes. Though 4u and GU can be extremely hard at points. So this is fine.

World: Monsters have near perfect hitboxes. (although theres still stuff like black diablos to rememeber you this is MonHun. Little star for effort.) I can dodge everything nargacuga does (yes, i-frame any move) And i'm not even a good player. Its just that it has always been a fair monster, and the hitboxes being tight makes it easier to manuever. You still cant play like a dumbass tho. Monsters are smarter and they transition better into moves +1 little star for world in effort.

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RISE: Why god. You nerfed rajang to the ground."oh but he shows up in HR now" screw you. THE MONKE Was a source of endless frustration for hunters in every single game. You just stole his soul. Nargacuga is a drome/Great Jagras/Jaggi tier fight now. I can literally stand on his side and he whiffs the tail swipe. Seems to deal less dmg. OVER-Corrected hitboxes make his wing swipes miss me everytime, it just cant track me running around in circles.

I DO NOT ENJOY FAZING BETWEEN ATTACKS. this is everything monster hunter was never. It teached you about evading, reading patterns and being patient or agressive at the correct moment.


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