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(probably) the best tool for building gear sets in MHW or Iceborne.

Hey there fellow hunters!

I've been here a while and I've got the impression most folks don't know about the MHW builder over on The builder features some really practical features, both for the more casual hunter and for more meta orientated hunters. The builder includes data on every weapon, charm, deco, tool and augmentation, move, buff, monster, etc. there is and can therefore simulate nearly every scenario.

Main navigation is over the bar on the left side of the tool. Most of the things are rather self explanatory, but to highlight a few key things:

My Decos: Here you can customize which decorations and charms you have or can get your hands on easily. When using the set search function only the decos/charms you have defined here are going to be taken into account for the search. So if you want to have earplug 5 but don't have the earplug charm lvl 5 yet and/or don't have earplug+ decos you might want to define that here to avoid getting a ton of results you cannot actually bring into practice at the moment.

Set Search: The key component of the builder. Here you can define which skills you would want on your desired set and on which level each skill should be. You can also define minimums/maximums for resistances and the like, exclude specific skills and/or gear from your search or define sockets you want to have free in addition to your selection of skills. The set searcher does not search for another weapon and just takes whatever is currently equipped for granted (including the sockets, augments etc. the weapon has). So make sure to first equip and augment your weapon of choice.

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The set searcher also automatically adds secret skills where needed, e.g. goldian set if you go over divine blessing 3. If you have access to Fatalis gear I would recommend manually removing those set secret skills, as that screws with the results otherwise. It's the only real flaw with the tool I found yet. Again, keep in mind the set searcher only takes into account the decos/charms you have defined and may need a reload if you make any changes to those.

If you hit the search button the tool will look for ways to accomplish what you defined. The search might take a moment, as there might literally be hundreds of thousands of possibilities, depending on the parameters. Usually, if there's no way of achieving what you put in, the search bar will fill up pretty quick.

In the results screen you can see which sets achieve what're looking for and take your pick via the little green armor icon on the left of the set searcher window. You now have the selected set equipped and see all the interesting stats of it on the right side of the main window. If you're not familiar with stats like raw I recommend you take a look at kiranico's database.

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You can also name your current set in the top left corner and save it using the navigation bar on the left.

When you're finished with your set and want to build it you can select Make Buildcard from the navigation bar and make a neat little buildcard via left click on the big icon. The build card is added as a separate picture at the bottom, which you can save as an image or even copy&paste it directly to where you want it (e.g. discord).

Build detector is basically there to reverse engineer build cards back into editable builds, very handy if you have a compatible picture of a meta build, but want to make adjustments for yourself before you actually get it in-game.

My buffs: Is a thing to keep in mind, especially since the default setting of the builder always takes a tenderized monster into account and thus adding 20% affinity that are not always there. In general you un-/apply every buff there is to the current stat calculation, be it food, hunting horn buffs, items, you name it.

My Damage: If you really want to go in depth you can use this to see how much damage you do with the current set on any given monster in any given state on any given body part with any given move. It's all there.

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Oh and there's also an App of this for Android and IOS. Also linked on the builder page itself.

Thank you for reading. Here, have a cookie.


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