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Questions regarding the game and High Rank!

Hi fellow hunters!

I am a rather new hunter in this corners of the reddit forums. I started playing MHRW recently and I had quite a blast with the game, but I reached HR recently and my enjoyment of the game dropped significantly. I noticed a trend with the new hunts that tend to take away control from the player more and more, stuns are more frequent, monster cancel animation into other animations and can combo you to death if you make 1 mistake, I have a few cases in which I got trashed around the place for 1 minute and half without being able to recover only survived because of my gear and vigor swap.

I really like playing as a hammer user but a certain hunt against Uragaan left a bad taste in my mouth. This thing just trashed around non stop, fidget spniing non stop, leaving me almost with no time to attack and left me with the only option to watch him flail around for 2 – 3 minutes until he calmed a bit hit him once and repeat. And when I got to attack I would start my combo and after I would hit him 2 times he would get staggered back and away from my other hits so I never could finish my combo, he would recover and go again non stop flailing around. To be brutal honest when I finally killed him it felt awful no thrill of the the hunt just a disappointed and bored hunter. And to top it off it was an incredibly easy fight I only got hit when I lost my patience and tried to hit while he would slam the ground and I would get staggered from the tremor (no tremor resistance yet).

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My question is: Is this trend of me having no time to attack with certain weapons go up? And all this flailing around will increase? Will it be better with the bullshit of me loosing control over my character?

I want to know because I only have the base game and was pondering over if I should buy Iceborne or not.


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