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Raging Brachy vs Savage Jho

Alright so I was wondering about this and I'll provide my evidence for my opinion on the matter

I am Using the Iceborne versions of both monsters as it seems to be the game where they are lorewise at their strongest, and if I say Brachy or Jho I'm referring to the variants and the the base counterparts

I say Raging Brachy wins in a semi-unfair fight for Jho

So to Start Raging Brachy is MR6 (Savage Jho is MR5) and it's a slay mission which means that Raging Brachy is definitely Elder Level, it's unsurprising given how crazy his fight is in IB

Then there's the fact that Flashpoint slime would destroy a regular Brachy where for Raging it constantly triggers explosions at it's feet like nothing, that armor must be insanely tough

Given Ragings size he's slightly bigger than the average Savage Jho, and potentially heavier due to the armor, speaking of defense it's covered in explosive slime, Jho would have a somewhat difficult time getting through Ragings hide, and then he'll probably have a few mouth explosions which would deal a good amount of damage but definitely not kill (see S.Jho vs S.Bazel)

Raging is also smarter than Jho as well, though this could mean a Raging might forfeit in an actual scenario because it would actually value it's life unlike Jho, for convenience I'll assume death battle though as it gives a more clear picture of who's actually stronger

There is also the fact that in the real world a punch is often far stronger than a bite, especially if that punch triggers a large explosion, there's also the fact that Raging can leap the same if not better than Jho, this would give his fists a massive amount of potential energy being turned into kinetic energy, Ragings bite would also be pretty bad though as that's one of the areas the slime is produced and look at the false teeth made out of the shell that'd hurt too, it should be noted that it's unknown if Raging can lift things with it's Jaws like Jho, I'd say he probably can because a regular Glavenus can, Jho is highly likely stronger in that area though

And finally there's the fact that Raging only has a minor weakness to dragon where Jho has a moderate weakness to blast and fire (keep in mind Raging can give fireblight, and Blastscourge is a stronger version of blast) and both have a moderate weakness to stun (this is more of a problem for Jho because Brachy has massive fists and a spiked mace tail, but Jho can definitely output damage that could stun Brachy with that massive bulk of muscle on the back and that tail as well) Raging also has better AOE as well

Finally to the things that Jho has on Brachy

Acidic Saliva, this will probably corrode or soften Ragings hide, potentially even damaging it to the point that the slime might detonate because the shell might not be able to stop the reaction due to whatever keeps the reaction at bay being damaged or missing

Jho also almost certainly has a stronger biteforce and probably has superior muscle mass (I mean Raging has to be strong to maintain let alone fling itself and punch like a madman with that armor and size)

Jhos biggest advantages are probably his Dragon Breath and Devour everything mentality, Raging only has a minor weakness but Dragon element isn't gonna be completely ineffective

In the end I give Raging 7/10 Majority in my opinion, he'll win most fights but not all of them and Jho is really powerful in his own right too it didn't feel right giving Jho odds of 2/10 or less so I settled for 3/10 for Jho he won't lose every fight but probably most of them (I'm assuming death battle for these odds)


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