Monster Hunter World

Raging Brachydios

Capcom prove once again that rather than hire competent game developers they'd rather throw a bunch of brain-dead chimpanzees in a room (no, I will not compliment them by comparing the absolute cum stains that came up with this shit to even reasonably intelligent chimpanzees) and after a few days; wipe the feces off whatever they produce and publish said feces as a game.

Let's gloss over how fucking lazy it is for Capcom to repeatedly think that just making an existing monster angrier qualifies as more content (it's not like we already get Savage Deviljho AND Seething Bazelgeuse AND Ruiner Nergigante AND Furious Rajang), let's skip over how fucking stupid it is to scale up an already tall monster to make hitting anything other than its stick thin chicken legs a fucking nightmare, and let's not talk about the absolutely fucking silly idea it was to make its gloves drop instant-explosive slime when you hit them, you know; to just punish you for even trying to do damage to this thing or play the game at all. No; what we really need to address is the absolutely fucking moronic, lazy and frankly ridiculous hitboxes this things attacks have. I know it's a meme that Capcom couldnt make a functional hitbox if the instructions were written in crayon and plastered on the inside of their padded cells, but for fucks sake; the games are on consoles now, there is no fucking excuse any competent game developers shouldn't be able to work out a fucking hitbox. If I'm so far away from the bastard's boxing glove that i'd have to pay extra for postage to send it a fucking letter I shouldn't still be sent flying by the thing's punches. If I have to break out a pair of binoculars to see the cunt's glowing cum drops on the ground I shouldn't still explode when they do. I'm forced to spend the entire fucking fight superman-diving every fucking time the thing attacks because if I just roll that wont take me far enough. Really makes for a fucking fun, gripping battle when I'm not allowed to do anything but dodge if I dont want to get my ass folded in about 5 seconds.

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Capcom may be trying to be inclusive in their hiring, but I honestly dont think 'It doesnt matter if you dont have any experience, knowledge, or even understanding of game design, we'll not only hire you but let you head up the development of some of out biggest titles' is the right way to go about it. At this point I think they'd be better off forgoing games at all and rebranding as a fucking carnival, since they've already got the clowns.


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