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Re-playing the game from the start is an awesome experience

So I've got almost 500 hours on this game. I'm a small time player as you can see.

After beating fatalis and the AT dragons, crafting the best gears, collecting enough decorations to make any build I might fancy, yada yada, I hit some kind of motivation block. I was in this weird space where you'd really like to continue playing, but you can't find any good reason to.

So I decided to try starting a new character. I'm not going to lie, slogging through the unskippable cinematics and tutorials at the beginning almost made me give up. But in the end it was worth it.
It's actually an incredible feeling to fight again a monster that used to give you such a tough time. The fact that you're doing it again but with shitty gear really makes you realize how much you have progressed with time.

Pretty much everyone remembers their first Anjanath hunt. Usually it involves a lot of screaming and crying. So, you can imagine my slight feeling of apprehension when I spotted one while going on my first expedition in the ancient forest, with only basic gear and items on my ass.
But when the handler said "oh no! this monster is too hard for you right now! UwU", something kind of snapped in me. It made me think "I'll show you who's too hard right now!".
Therefore, I went in, and got properly thrashed, before it finally left the locale. But, I realized I didn't actually do that bad. So I tried again with slightly better gear, and absolutely wasted its ass.

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From that point on I blasted through all the monsters of the base game (except kirin, fuck that guy), I almost felt sorry for them. It felt awesome to use all the tricks of the book that I've learned by playing the game the first time. It was also the perfect opportunity to learn how to use a new weapon.

So yeah, if you're getting a bit tired of grinding the same MR monsters over and over just to get that elusive decoration/achievement/body part, give it a try. Start new character, or just use your current one and limit yourself with under-leveled gear. It's worth it


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