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Revisited World recently to help a friend (who just has base World) beat Behemoth for the first time

Friend had a level of understanding of the game that was almost rage-inducing itself (didn't know you could avoid the Ecliptic Meteor with the comets, hadn't even cleared the initial Behemoth tutorial hunt, and his approach to set building was "I just give myself armor with as high a defense value as possible") but in his defense he was very aware of his shortcomings, never got uppity, and took advice I gave to heart. He's also gotta start somewhere.

This rage isn't about him. I'm not even sure if this is necessarily a rage, but it is at least another nail in the coffin for me and World/Iceborne. I'll return to it for the sake of friends needing a coach or some training wheels, but that's for them. The game just… doesn't have what I need for me.

I like the wirebugs in Rise a lot. I like the mobility. I like the additional option it has in regards to getting up after being knocked down whereas beforehand your only choice was to decide when to get back up (and the game forces you to stand up eventually and that decision wasn't implemented until 4th gen). I like riding my dog. I like the general layout of the map such that I can spare a glance, see where a monster is, and not rely on scoutflies to show me how to reach it because of overly convoluted area design.

I understand that Rise's honeymoon phase is over for a lot of people and their interest has drifted back to Iceborne, GU, or even older titles at least until Sunbreak comes out. This isn't helped by the DLC bullshit and the fact Rise vastly outperformed Capcom's conservative estimates for its sales and thus the staggered release for the game and the dearth of event quests offering concrete gear stick out all the more painfully thanks to not-entirely-unjustified expectations from previous titles and World most especially. For me though, it's got all the most essential elements.

And revisiting World/Iceborne with no motivation other than to just help a friend and bully Behemoth with endgame Fatalis loadouts didn't really spark any newfound magic or appreciation for the game with me. My problems with it weren't born from Rise being the shiny new title subliminally mandating that I needed to find fault in a game I had sunk 1,250 hours into. It was 1250 hours where postlaunch content almost always pissed me off and felt like a waste of my time and a casual scroll through my past entries on this community will probably reinforce that sentiment. It was 1250 hours where the endgame felt more like "grind for this really good gear so you have a fighting chance against the next event quest/title update where there's a monster that'll give you even better gear when you kill it".

Most likely once my friend has finished doing what he wants in base World, I'll be uninstalling it yet again, and he might not even bother with Iceborne at all either. He is still free to make his own decision on that matter though. For some people, World continues to be a gold standard and there are even though who see Iceborne as a wholesale improvement. I wish those people the best, but World is not that for me, and I hope going forward what I like in Rise isn't sacrificed without good reason or replacement.


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