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Sharing a bunch of tips about Gold Crown hunting

Hey! Now being a couple of Elder Dragon crowns away from getting both achievements, 100+ hours in, I decided to make this post and maybe share some tips I gathered along the way that other similar posts might've not mentioned and hopefully save as much of your precious time as possible!

  • Before we even start off I just want to say that if you aren't going to use "Gaming with Abyss"'s videos about measuring your monsters, don't even attempt starting farming for these achievements. This guy is an absolute legend for making those and his hard work on these videos have saved me and thousands of other people countless hours and have made these achievements significantly less of a headache to obtain.

  • Check out this Reddit post for some guaranteed Gold Crowns before you start farming on your own.

  • Do these achievements as a post-end-game grind. Perfect your favourite build with the best armor set and decorations before getting yourself into it. Before finishing my build and reaching its max potential, hunts used to take me 5-10 minutes on average, while they take 2-3 minutes at most now (all based on the monsters and my now gained knowledge), which is a massive time save considering how many times you'll be doing this. You will also likely get a bunch of Gold Crowns just through regular play so there's no reason for you to start early with it. Being at your maximum Hunter power is very important for killing the monsters as fast as possible and save as much time as possible.

  • These achievements are a huge time sink and have several layers of RNG around them, either fully commit to getting them or don't start at all. You WILL get unlucky, many times, but don't let that prevent you from the pure joy of getting both crowns for a particular monster, knowing you will never have to get them again. Silver Crowns are Capcom's way of saying "Congratulations, not good enough" and they feel particularly bad if you get them on a monster you've been hunting for a long time and you were SURE that it was the correct size, and quite often even if it looks like the right size, it still may be a few little units away from being a Gold crown.

  • And lastly and very importantly, do your best to enjoy yourself :). Again, you will be doing the same things over and over again for a long period of time so do your best to not get bored. Play some music, watch a stream/show/Youtube in the background, talk with friends (you can even duo Gold Crown hunts if you find another person, sharing investigations certainly helps) etc.. If you have these achievements as the sole focus of your mind you will get tired of them very fast.

  • I should also mention that the tips below are all for the base game and I don't know if they apply or can be improved upon for Iceborne (hopefully they do).

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  • Palico gear & gadgets | Hunter mantles & equipment/loadouts

Your Palico gear doesn't matter for the most part, except the "Kitty-of-the-Valley Rod" weapon, which pretty much guarantees at least one monster paralysis every run – free damage. As for gadgets it doesn't really matter what you get, I chose the Vigorwasp Spray one because I play with a Peak Performance Longsword build and it helped me stay at full health. Take whatever you think is best for you, but don't forget about the weapon mentioned above, it's very important.

As for your Hunter, the Rocksteady mantle is a godsend against those bigger monsters who roar often and push you around a lot, it makes clears significantly easier and faster for me. As a second mantle you should generally take the Ghillie one so you can measure monsters easier and safer, but if you're confident you can do it without, you can switch it for another mantle that benefits your build or helps you against the monster you're hunting – I personally stick with the Temporal mantle for a second one.

Make sure to create a loadout which has Flash Pods, flashbugs, Shock Traps, thunderbugs, 2 trap tools and 8 Tranq Bombs. Flash Pods are extremely helpful in hunts and they make killing flying monsters significantly faster and easier, so using as many as you need per run is optimal. You will need 2 Shock Traps per run at the very least (one or two for measuring and one for capturing), so having one in your pouch with the ability to make 2 more is always good and is generally the safer option. Bring dung pods in case of the occasional Bazelgeuse or whatever other predator attempting to ruin your day. Refill your item pouch through this loadout so you don't have to do it manually and waste time.

You can eat during or before each hunt, but I chose to save my time and use Ancient Potions instead whenever needed. You will often eat then not get the correct sized monster after measuring, effectively wasting a bunch of seconds which really add up over time.

  • Research your monsters

If you're doing the achievements as end-game grinds (which you should be) you will likely be familiar with the behaviours of all the monsters in the game, but it doesn't hurt looking up the monsters you're hunting and seeing how could be the fastest way for your weapon to slay them. After hunting them consecutively you will learn how they move and generally behave around you, some are very passive and some are very agressive.

If you play with multiple weapons you can switch them around based on the monster's weaknesses. If you struggle againt certain monsters of the elemental type (Teostra and Kirin come to mind), you can take their respective counter mantles to have an easier time fighting them.

  • Investigations & monster slaying
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Most of you are probably aware that investigations are the one type of quests that consistently give crowns. After doing a lot of research on the internet and on my own I came to the conclusion that it's in fact not as RNG as people might think. The most absolute minimum for even a chance of a Gold Crown is HR 6 with 1 gold and 1 silver reward. I've tried different combinations of gold, silvers and bronzes but the chances for a 25% smaller or bigger monster are noticeably lower (maybe even impossible) if you don't have 1 gold and 1 silver at the very least. When picking out investigations always pick out the ones with 1G 1S before even thinking of doing the rest. Prioritize the number of attempts (3 or less prefferably) > time given > number of players available. Big Crowns generally hide in the 50 minute mark but I've gotten many from the 15-30 ones as well. Only do the lesser investigations if you run out of good ones and in that case do them and pick all the tracks and marks of the monster you're hunting, and break as many parts as you can to get the most investigations from that run as possible. If you're COMPLETELY out of investigations for a given monster, get into a High Rank expedition in that monster's area and search for its tracks, if it's not around turn back to Astera and try again.

Alternatively the multi-monster killing investigations and events also have high chances of Gold crowns and monsters being the proper size you're looking for.

Look for SOS investigations before using your own, I've gotten many crowns from random investigations I found and if you find some tracks on the run you can even get some investigations for yourself. On the topic of SOS, always do your Crown hunts solo unless you're afraid you won't be able to kill the monster by yourself. Don't risk other people dying and failing your investigations and potentially rip you off from a Gold crown. If you really need the help, measure your monster first and if it's the right size, pull up your SOS and cancel it after one person joins, otherwise the monster gains way too much health and the risk is higher.

Keep track of your Guild Card and which monsters you have crowns for, if you're doing a singular monster investigation and find another monster in its area you don't have a crown for, measure it (and kill it) before moving onto your main target. I've gotten many crowns from monsters I wasn't even looking for only because they happened to be the size I was looking for.

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You can get crowns from failed capture investigations. Yep, it has happened to me twice so far. If you're hunting a monster and you're 100% sure it's the right size but you've ran out of Shock Traps and/or Tranq Bombs or you accidentally go too ham on the damage damage, no worries, you will still get your crown!

  • Abuse "Return" and "Abandon" quest

Learning how to utilize those as soon as possible will save you a ton of time and materials. For example, you enter an investigation, use all your shock traps to measure the monster and it turns out to not be the size you're looking for, you should simply abandon the quest, you will get all your traps back and won't have to refill your item pouch. Keep in mind that if you got a bunch of investigations from tracks beforehand that you want to keep, you will have to "Return" in that case, otherwise you won't keep the investigations gained from that run.

If you're on a multi-monster hunt but only need a crown for a specific monster, you can kill it and return from the quest, if it was the right size you were looking for you will still get your crown. This way you won't have to clear the rest of the monsters to be done with the investigation/event.

And that's all I have folks! I've been writing this post for the past 2 days filling in all the minor details that could help you out, and I sincerely hope they do, happy hunting!


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