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Since nobody asked, I made a list of all the MH inside jokes, phrases, and nicknames I could think of in case someone doesn’t get them

“Khezu’s theme” – Khezu lowers the music volume to 0 whenever he fights. There is no theme.

“Hot fish” – Fatalis’s old theme. Misheard lyrics.

“Gentle, simple sailor” – Safi’jiiva’s theme. Misheard lyrics.

“But can it beat Great Jaggi/Baggi” – entry-level monsters, but have been hailed as gods or teachers of old players.

“Psycho chicken” – Yian Garuga. Self-explanatory, it does not like anyone or anything.

“Pickle” – Deviljho, the deranged, cucumber-shaped invader that lives to eat, and eats to live.

“B-52” – Bazelgeuse, the aerial invader that drops bombs like candy on your used-to-be-going-well hunt.

“Steve” – Seregios, who was jokingly called Steve by a dev, and it’s stuck ever since.

“Pinecone” – Bazelgeuse or Seregios. They both drop scales and have rugged, scaly faces.

“Angry Hedgehog/Durian” – Nergigante, the very hungry, Elder-eating spike dragon.

“Clifford” – Odogaron, resident Big Red Dog.

“Goodest boy” – Refers to Odogaron, Zinogre, or Dodogama

“AAAAAAAA” or ”Ice Parrot” – Legiana, she who screams like a banshee every chance she gets

🤌 – Tobi-Kadachi, I said de TOBEH KADECCI🇮🇹

“Toaster” – Teostra

“Toaster Bath” – Namielle or Lagiacrus

Anything that has “rocket” and “wing” in the same sentence – Valstrax

“Comin’ down like precipitation-“ or “SoundCloud Rapper” – Shara Ishvalda, referenced from TerminalMontage’s “Something About Monster Hunter World: Iceborne”

“BIRD UP!” – Kulu-Ya-Ku, ALSO referenced from TerminalMontage.

“Tigrex or Tigrex?” – A debate on how the name “Tigrex is properly pronounced. There are two sides: “Tiger + T-Rex = TIE-grex,” and “Tigre + T-Rex = TEA-grex.”

TIEgrex gang rise up.

“Fatty” – Fatalis.

“Shaggy” – Shagaru Magala.

“Ender Dragon” – Gore Magala. Gore looks a hell of a lot like an HD Ender Dragon.

“Jay Leno/Thanos” – Uragaan and Radobaan, two related Brute Wyverns with gigantic hammer-chins.

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“Trash/Garbage/That Bitch” – Lunastra. If you don’t know why now, you’ll see later.

“Bubble Fox/Soap Dragon” – Mizutsune, everyone’s favorite slip-n-sliding Leviathan. Mizu has tail glands that release a soapy substance that is spread around in shallow water with its brush-like tail.

“Winnie the Pooh” – Arzuros. He’s just a big bear that loves honey.

“1000° knife” – Glavenus, who has a gigantic steel tail that becomes ignited by repetitive attacks.

“It’s Banbaro Time!” – Reference to Hamtaro, by NCHProductions.

“Frontier attacks/monsters” – Attacks with a huge AoE effect. Monster Hunter Frontier is known for three things: The Tonfas and Magnet Spike, the over-designed monsters, and the ridiculous amount of AoE attacks.

“Oh my Gog” – apparently, all the NPCs actually say “Gog” instead of “God.” “Gog” is the nickname of Gogmazios

“Chameleos has been in every game/Hey look it’s Chameleos/Where did my ___ go” – Chameleos is an Elder Dragon that can turn invisible at will, so any time there’s nothing on screen, there’s a solid chance he’s there. He also has a penchant for snatching consumables out of your pockets.

“Fuck you, I’m Rajang” – Fuck you, he’s Rajang. Rajang doesn’t care about your “higher tier than him.” He’s probably still gonna climb up there and beat your ass for existing too hard.

The Admiral is a Rajang – He is. The man was willing to square up against a high-tier Elder Dragon with his bare hands (no really), blocked a Rajang beam with a huge boulder he found lying around, and is just built different.

“BONK” and “Unga Bunga” – Hammer users

“DOOT” – HH users

“HH is a support weapon” – lmao

“Weebs” – LS and DB users

“I sexually identify as an Attack Helicopter” – Insect Glaives

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“Je suis monté!” – “I am mounted!” Back when IG came out in MH4, for some reason, French players were extremely common—and they all used the Insect Glaive. Not to mention they were usually not that great at using it, and would just spam aerial attacks until they got a mount. So the chat feed would light up with “Je suis monté” quite often

“WHERE’S MY DRAGONATOR?” – Where is it? The Commander in MHW yells this during the second Zorah Magdaros siege during a cutscene.

Bullfango – pain. Small Monsters that are essentially warthogs with no sense of danger or self-worth whatsoever, and will charge headlong into the nearest Hunter for daring to attack their biggest predator.

Konchu – pain. Small Monsters that are essentially land lobsters with no sense of danger or self-worth whatsoever, and will charge into the nearest Hunter for absolutely no fucking reason whatsoever.

Yellow Boi – Paratoads and their ilk, the gods of the New World. Kicking or hitting one releases a paralytic/explosive/tranquilizing gas that can KO a Hunter, a Palico, and most importantly, Large Monsters.

And that’s about all that I could think of, hopefully I got most of them

EDITS (I added some more other than these but these are bigger ones):

PLESIOTH HITBOXES – Plesioth is legendary for having a hip-check that somehow manages to hit you from the other side of its body, and a tail-swipe that extends like ten feet past the edge of its already-obnoxiously-long tail, so he has been referred to as the end-all-be-all of monsters, a hunter’s final challenge. It’s said that every move he makes shakes the earth and carts a Hunter before they even set foot in the locale.

AT NERGIGANTE DIVEBOMB – Death. Before Iceborne, no other monster except Extremoth could compare to the sheer team-wiping power of Arch-Tempered Nergigante’s dive bomb attack, “Heaven’s Ruin.”

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ESCATON JUDGMENT – Post-Iceborne, I don’t think a single monster has managed to top the carting potential that Alatreon’s nuke has. In a week alone, it would be safe to guess that he racked up more deaths with this than in all of AT Nergigante’s career.

KFC TEOSTRA – Teostra’s old theme goes exceptionally well with the KFC Chicken dance from a few years ago.

THE GODDAMN GRONGIGAS. – A beautiful post about the most potentially-powerful Hammer in the history of the game.

What is the Switch-axe even used for? – a question to which u/StickyBarb gave the best possible answer.


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