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SnS Set Overview for V2.0 now featuring 240 hits of Spiciness!

Hi! This is just a copy of an old post for MHGen format-wise at least Source

TU1 / V2 Update, this will be a shorter post because I won't be listing all the options now, only the ones with potential to build, obviously nothing is stopping you from saying "fuck you I love Master Oddysey" and use that; the dps loss is probably on the single digit %s.

Elemental took a big blow and now only Ice/Fire are better than Raw and even then its some specific matchups, you can use this site to make the builds I'll discuss later.

Use this to compare EFR between builds


I know this a meta subreddit so the best of the best builds are only ever considered but you can truly use whatever weapon from this list and enjoy the game, if you want the lowest possible time, use Tigrex SnS, that's it, end of the post.

Feel free to use whatever build and element you feel like or feel better playing with, playing with an uncomfy ass set that you dont like to use will end up on worse times than if you were using a set you feel comfortable with or have more experience. don't harass other's online for not using the "Meta".


Gameplay is still the same where you want to focus on Shield Bash x3 -> Reaper, Flash in the Night now can afford to use Master's Touch / Razor Sharp and instead use Drill Slash -> Reaper which has a higher theorical DPS, in practice I found myself not being very good at Drill Slash but thats just me being bad at this game lol.

  • – Good Raw (180), , White Sharpness (30), Can't use HC, +30% Affinity, 2-0-0 Slots
  • <NEW!> – High Raw (220), Small White Sharpness (20), Can't use HC, -15% Affinity*, *No Slots
  • <NEW!> – , High Raw (200),Obscene Long Green (240), Blue at HC1+, +100% Affinity,1-1-1 Slots

Lets get down to the point, Tigrex > Rathian > Tigrex (Blue Sharp) = Flash in the Night > Hi Ninja Sword (HC3) > Rathian (Green Sharp) > Hi Ninja Sword (Bludgeon). EFR calculations here + another post on SnS Builds.

Pick Tigrex for highest possible DPS but shit sharpness, equals DPS at blue sharpness with Flash in the Night which has better Sharpness Management and now you're free to use the Slashing Combo for Tails/Wings breaks without worrying much about dropping to blue thanks to MT3.

Skills: AB7, CE4 for Flash, CE7 for Tigrex, CB3, Wex3, MT3/Razor3 for Narga, drop Attack Boosts depending on your charm or drop MT/Razor in Narga if you want to fit in Evade Window or .

Hi Ninja sword works better using Handicraft 3 and then using Shield Bash, use Bludgeon for "haha unga bunga" jokes with your friends in Voice Chat, skills only needs AB7, CB3 and HC3/Bludgeon 3 with plethora of empty spaces and open charm.


  • <NEW!> – Good Raw (200), Very High Element (34), Blue Sharpness & White at HC5, No Slots
  • – High Raw (220), Good Element (21), Blue Sharpness & Can't reach white, -20% Affinity, 2-1-0 Slots

Blazing Falchion got a tiny upgrade but the lack of slots really tolls it heavily because you'll be running short of slots depending on your charm, MT3 works best for both because none of them really hit White, worse than Gnashing sadly.

Gnashing has better overall DPS thanks to the Higher Raw and better slotage, equals with EFR on raw builds on some match ups but within margin of 5~10% less EFR depending the Monster, toy around with the builder.


  • – Good Raw (190), Mediocre Element (19), Blue Sharpness & White at HC1 15% Affinity, 1-0-0 Slots

Between last post and this post I did further testing with Kurenawi vs Oddysey, Kurenawi is best, that's it.

Raw beats this weapon FYI (by 5~20% EFR depending on charm/skills) but in case you wanna use it you can use the same build for all elemental weapons.


  • – High Raw (200), High Element (27), Blue Sharpness & White at HC2, 1-1-0 Slots

Read above, same case.


  • – Low Raw (160), Good Element (20), Blue Sharpness & White at HC3, +35% Affinity, 2-1-0 Slots
  • <NEW!> – Very High Raw (230), Very Low Element (14), Very Small Sharpness Blue & White at HC5, 2-0-0 Slots
  • <NEW!> – Low Raw (170), Very High Element (31), Blue Sharpness & White at HC3,+5% (+30/35%) Affinity, 1-0-0 Slots.

Cold Steel Dagger has Repeat Offender (+30/35% Affinity if you keep hitting, downtime can't be lower than 3 seconds, 30 hits grants 35% instead of 30%) as Ramp Up, overall ends up with the same stats as Nardesboche but +11 Element.

Chef's Knife is better than the other two because higher Raw and slotage, Cold Steel / Nardesboche lose to Raw, Chef's Knife is within the OK range of DPS loss vs Raw builds, plus, its a butcher knife, cool points.


  • – Good Raw (190), Good Element (24), Blue Sharpness & White at HC2, 3-1-0 Slots
  • – Good Raw (190), Very Low Element (12), Very Long Blue Sharpness & White at HC5, No Slots

Read: Water / Thunder Section


  • <NEW!> – Very High Raw (220), High Status (28), Small Blue Sharpness & White at HC3, +10% Affinity, No Slots

Queen's Rapier can be used as a Raw Weapon with overall better DPS than Flash in the Night but hard drops as soon as you hit Green Sharpness and this baby only has 20 hits of Blue so yeah.


  • – Low Raw (160), Mediocre Status (19), Blue Sharpness & White at HC5, 1-1-1 Slots
  • – Extremely Low Raw (130), Very High Status (33), Green Sharpness & White at HC2, 3-0-0 Slots

Oof. Only real option is Secta Unu Green with Paralysis II (+4) Ramp Up.

Yeah nothing has changed here, still bad


Don't. Hub Quests have insanely bloated HP Values (Avg: 15,000 HP) and sleep bombing is now a thing of the past, might be worth it if your teammates are using HBG with wyvern ammo to wake up the monster.

Yeah nothing has changed, even more Bloat HP on elder dragon quests


  • – High Raw (200), High Status (26), Blue Sharpness & White at HC3, 2-1-0 Slots
  • <NEW!> – Good Raw (180), Very High Status (36), Blue Sharpness & White at HC5, No Slots

Spada Teostra I is bad, I was hoping to match Sinister Shadekeeper but I guess Magnamalo gets favoritism, only better thing it has is the high status but thats only one extra Blast proc on average.

Sinister Shadekeeper is still a retty good weapon overall, pair with either Hellfire Cloak & Magnamalo Soul or just pick Attack Boost III as Ramp Up.


  • – Good Raw (200), No Element or Status, 30 hits of Blue, White at HC5 , No Slots

Ramp Ups:

  • First Slot: Attack Boost III (+6), Elemental Boost I (+5), Affinity Boost III (+8%), Defense Boost (+30), Sharpness Type I (Allows to reach white with HC1), Sharpness Type II (Long green) & Sharpness Type 3 (Long blue, cannot reach white even with Handicraft 5)

  • Second Slot: Non Elemental Boost (+10 Attack), III which imbues the weapon in that element and grants +20 Element at the cost of -5 Raw, which imbues the weapon with the status and grants +10 Status.

  • Third Slot: Attack Surge (+20% Attack & -30% Affinity), Affinity Surge (+20% Affinity, -10 Attack), Elemental Surge (+10 Element, -15 Raw)

If you make it full raw (ABIII + Non Ele Boost + Attack Surge): 238 Raw, -30% Affinity.

Alternatively (ABIII + Non Ele + Affinity Surge): 208 Raw, +20% Affinity.

For element (Elemental Bonus I + Element III + Elemental Surge): 180 Raw, 35 Element OR (Sharpness Type I + Element III + Elemental Surge): 180 Raw, 30 Element and Reaches White with HC1 onward.

Even after TU1 I woulnd't reccomend this weapon, it gets topped by everything in this list on everything, raw, status, element, even the niche Sharpness Type 2 got topped by Hi Ninja Swoord


Due to the new pierces and how flexible charms are now making a "fit all sizes" build is harder, but don't worry that Wex 2 / 2 Charm that you spent 80 hours grinding towards is far from useless and it's still a very good charm

Raw Skill List: Attack Boost 7, Critical Eye 7, Master's Touch 3, Weakness Exploit 3, Critical Boost 3, drop Critical Eye if your weapon hits 50% Affinity with less than 7, Drop Attack Boost levels if you don't have the right charm yet or drop to Critical Boost 2

Elemental: Attack Boost 4~7, Elemental Attack 5, Critical Eye 1~7, Master's Touch 3, Weakness Exploit 3, Critical Boost 2~3, Use Handicraft 3~5 if you want or have a really good charm for it but Master's Touch is better because of how good the mitigation is.

Plug the skill list you want in here! with your charms and see what you can do, Attack Boost 3 / Lv2 is probably the best charm right now but anything goes.


Hi Ninja Sword, Charm: Bubbly Dance 3 / Lv2

Skills: Attack Boost 5, Critical Boost 3, Handicraft 3, Bubbly Dance 3, Resucitate 3

The REAL Hi Ninja Sword Build. 🙂

PS: This has equal EFR to Flash in the Night but this Charm might not be easily attainable by everyone, drop Resucitate levels if you want to try out this build.

PS2: This will probably be my last post regarding builds on such a depth manner, I feel like elemental is just going to keep going down after each Update unless they add an extra path to the ones already finished.


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