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So I decided to make this anime idea its own post…

I recently commented on a post and received positive feedback so I decided to make its own post and add to the idea. While Monster Hunter has a few manga and an anime based on stories, none of them are really "faithful" to the games. So, I had an idea on what a "mainline" anime could be like based on common anime tropes and the world of MH. This is pretty long so I suggest reading only if you have the patience to.

Anime typically includes a training arc, some kind of big upgrade (charging up is also very common), flashy and powerful new move finishers for (usually) every major battle and a cast of supporting characters. In order to fulfil these, I have chosen two weapons in particular that the protagonist hunter would use: the Sword and Shield and the Charge Blade. CB is aesthetically an "upgrade" to SnS and would fit in with a major plot arc featuring the ancient civilisation (hopefully better executed than the movie did it) since it is an ancient weapon and in this story has been forgotten for centuries alongside the Switch Axe. Lance/Gunlance and LBG/HBG was also an option but I decided to have side characters use them instead (especially since SnS is the weapon everyone starts out with and is pretty iconic aside from GS). It would get a bit annoying if everyone referred to themselves with their titles, so some characters will have names.

The story is similar to 4U's and the major plot arc is centred around the Magalas. Gore is the main antagonist and appears frequently as the hunter progresses. It takes place in the Old World, specifically in the regions around Yukumo and Kamura (obvious locations for an anime). I'm unsure of whether to have the main village be Yukumo, Kamura or an entirely new village but I chose Kamura since it has a possible Rampage arc with Magnamalo.

The main character is called "Ryoshi" (meaning "hunter") but is referred to as "Rookie" at the start. He is a young and naive hunter who was born with Hunter blood, making him naturally stronger. Despite that, he was always a coward and his childhood friends that weren't born with that blood managed to beat him in every possible way. Afraid of being mocked, he closed himself off to others and trained on his own using his family's dagger. When he reached adulthood (I assume an adult in the MH world is 18), he joined the Kamura Hunters led by a Longsword veteran that wore Soulseer Mizutsune armour. He was given his first official SnS.

His first quest was to deal with a nearby pack of Jagras in the Shrine Ruins. He struggled a bit, but managed to slay them. He got tired and decided to eat some of the delicious honey nearby. Without realising, the Hunter had stumbled into an Arzuros' territory and ate its honey. Enraged, the Arzuros makes quick work of the hunter. The hunter faints, but can see a figure drive away the Arzuros. It was the Longsword veteran's son, called Migaku (Hone, pun for Razor Sharp/Whetstone). Migaku brings back the hunter on a cart, and is immediately humiliated for being beaten up by an Arzuros. Seeing the humiliation, the Kamura Hunters' leader decides to place him in the "special" team, a team made up of the worst hunters of the village and is an already humiliating title to have. The hunter pledges to become as strong as Migaku and protect others just like him.

The special team is called Squad 0 (for zero talent) and has three members. Ryoshi, Otoru (Inferior) and Hana (Blossom). Otoru uses the Light Bowgun but manages to miss every shot somehow, and often accidentally hits his teammates. Hana uses the Hammer and is known to be very reckless, usually doing an all-in attack at the worst time possible. She tends not to think very much. Both of them use their parent's gear yet still fall behind the rest. Otoru uses a full Nargacuga set and Hana uses a Kirin armour set with a steel hammer.

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Squad 0 proceeds to complete many quests (although each is a near-death experience). After beating many low-rank monsters and having their toughest battle yet against a Rathalos in the Misty Peaks, Ryoshi separates from the other two in order to investigate a stray Aptonoth. The Aptonoth has a mysterious purple aura surrounding it and is limping. Ryoshi decides to slay it in order to prove himself that he has matured since the Arzuros incident.

Suddenly, a strange black monster swoops in. Terrified, Ryoshi tries to run away. However, he swallows his fear and runs at it. Gore Magala knocks him back and flies off, taking the Aptonoth with it. Ryoshi is heavily wounded and lays on the floor until he hears laughing from the other side of the area. Hana laughs at how an lone Aptonoth beat him. Once again, everyone at the village mocks him and nobody believed him about the strange black monster. He lays in bed for a few weeks to fully recover from an unusually potent wound…

Once he recovered, he decided to find the black monster. Squad 0 slowly gets better and better. Now facing against apex monsters, Squad 0 begins to travel to areas outside of the Kamura region. Their most dangerous quest so far was to slay a Zinogre in the Heaven's Mount. Migaku joins them as the fourth member for the hunt as it is their first long-distance travel. They take an airship and spend a few nights on board, sharing a room. They get much closer, to the point where the classic "power of friendship" could apply. They gaze at the flying wyverns and even manage to spot a Valstrax flying dangerously close. They shrug it off and instead decide to plan for their hunt.

When they arrive, they are met with a red Stygian Zinogre. Uncertain of why it is so strong, they attempt to use strategy as opposed to just going all-out. They manage to weaken it after a long fight, and Ryoshi uses his first Perfect Rush combo to finish it. While celebrating their achievement, Gore Magala swoops in again. Recognising Ryoshi, it attempts to fight him head-on. With Ryoshi's new experience and Hana's powerful hammer, they manage to stagger Gore Magala and break one of its parts. Enraged, Gore Magala reveals its feelers. It slams the ground and breaks it, causing Ryoshi to fall to the depths of the Heaven's Mount. Ryoshi's SnS is lost during the fall. Emotional scene happens, the three left travel back and report the death. The whole village enters a sad state. The first season ends with a scene in the depths of the Heaven's Mount of Ryoshi waking up.

The second season begins with Ryoshi awakening on a monster nest filled with white skin. The hunter moves forward and explores the depths, stalked by a monster. While wandering, Ryoshi discovers ancient ruins filled with the bodies of what seemed to be soldiers. Their weapons and armour seemed very advanced. There were weapons that Ryoshi never knew existed, such as a peculiar axe. Suddenly, the monster stalking him, a Shrouded Nerscylla, attacks. Ryoshi quickly grabs a strange sword and shield from the ground. Surprised by its weight, Ryoshi is unable to wield it well. Without the ability to fight back and being cornered against a wall, he raises his shield in fear. Nerscylla tries to impale the hunter but strikes the shield. The shield bursts with energy, shocking the Nerscylla. Startled, it runs off. The hunter, now having his closest near-death experience, begins to understand the value of life a little more.

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The season continues as the hunter scales the depths of the Heaven's Mount. On the way, he encounters various powerful G-Rank/Master Rank monsters and uncovers more of the ancient civilisation, as well as ancient guides on how to use the ancient weapons and murals depicting unusual monsters like a large black dragon. The hunter learns to respect life, and doesn't slay monsters unless they disrupt the local wildlife. He finds other hunters living nearby, either visitors from Cathar or permanent residents. Ryoshi hunts various monsters with them. By the end of the season, Ryoshi will have teamed up with a hunter of each weapon type.

After months of climbing and fighting powerful monsters such as Rajang, Deviljho, Seltas Queen and Seregios, Ryoshi manages to climb up the spire. On top of the Heaven's Mount, he spots a red comet on the horizon. Suddenly, the red comet speeds towards him. He takes cover and witnesses the comet strike the pinnacle. Emerging from the impact crater is the Elder Dragon Valstrax. It is Ryoshi's first elder dragon and toughest fight so far. A long, brutal and fast-paced fight later, Valstrax does his signature divebomb attack and devastates the arena. Out of the ashes, Valstrax stands alone. Before he flies off, Ryoshi jumps out of the ashes and turns his sword into Axe mode for the first time, hitting Valstrax's head and dealing a large explosion. After the explosion, Valstrax is dead and the hunter stands victorious. Ryoshi learns the true power of his weapon. By carving Valstrax, he upgrades the Charge Blade and powers it up with immense dragon energy.

Upon leaving the Heaven's Mount, Ryoshi spots Gore Magala flying nearby. He follows it and enters the Sanctuary, where he sees Gore transforming into Shagaru Magala. The hunter is on his guard as the newly transformed Shagaru Magala stares him down. Shagaru bows to the hunter, and the hunter does the same. They then begin the battle. After a long, climactic fight, they both are at their limit. They exchange blows and parries. Shagaru becomes enraged and surrounds the area with a poisonous substance. The sky blackens, and the Sanctuary is drowned in purple light. They charge at each other with their most powerful attacks. Ryoshi charges up his weapon to its maximum capacity and discharges it with an overhead axe slam. A huge explosion lights up the entirety of the Heaven's Mount, noticed by the residents of Cathar. In the aftermath of the explosion, both fighters lay on the ground. The hunter smirks. Shagaru Magala is dead.

After a while, an airship arrives. After receiving information of Ryoshi's presence, Otoru and Hana rush to his location. They find him unconscious and take him back, relieved. The village celebrates with a feast, and Ryoshi is given Kamura's highest medal of honour. The Kamura Hunters leader asks Ryoshi if he wanted to be promoted to the highest rank of hunters. Ryoshi rejects the offer, deciding instead to remain in Squad 0. The main story ends there.

If there were films, they would be about the Rampage/Magnamalo and Old Fatalis. Since we don't know enough about the rampage, I'll make the scenario for an Old Fatalis film.

A few years later, Ryoshi has grown up significantly and is the pride of the village. His daughter, Uta (Song), is the daughter of him and Hana. She also has Hunters blood but is actually competent this time, even at a young age. She wields the Hunting Horn perfectly and is the lead singer of the village. (at this point either the rampage is about to happen or Ryoshi is invited by the Guild for an urgent mission).

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By this point, Ryoshi is known throughout the Old World as the user of a rare ancient weapon. Ryoshi receives a an urgent call from the Hunter's Guild. He accepts the Guild's request and journeys to Dundorma for an important meeting. In the meeting are all the village chiefs and rulers of the Old World, as well as important figures outside the Old World like the Commander. In the meeting, a priest tells everyone of the coming of Fatalis and of the beginning of the end of the world. The Guild has gathered the most reputable and powerful hunters together to stop Fatalis.

These hunters are Ryoshi, two blademasters, one gunner and a palico. They are tasked with investigating the old tale of Fatalis before the eclipse at the end of the month. Thay learn about Schrade and journey there. Once they arrive, the sky darkens and a total solar eclipse occurs. From the eclipse emerges Old Fatalis. It causes clouds to engulf the world and dragon lightning to fall down from them. The final fight begins, and the world's hope is entrusted to the hunters. One of the blademasters foolishly charges at Fatalis and gets obliterated by the dragon lightning. The gunner trips while evading and meets a similar fate. The other blademaster manages to get solid hits on Fatalis, but ultimately ends up eaten. Only Ryoshi and the palico remain. They team up to attack and dodge. Ryoshi uses a max-limit charged Super Amped Elemental Discharge and manages to slighly stagger it.

Ryoshi is mortally wounded, but they last long enough for the final assault to come in. The full power of all the villages and kingdoms in the world comes together to launch a full-force attack on Fatalis. Hundreds of bombs, shells and dragonators are launched at Fatalis, severely wounding it. Eventually, it dies. All the rulers come together to dig deep underground and seal the remains of Fatalis, never to see the light of day again.

Ryoshi returns home after being healed. His family and the village would continue the cycle of nature of centuries to come. Eventually, Uta joins the Kamura Hunters. The full story ends there.

So, what did you think? I won't lie, I cringed a bit at some of my ideas so I hope it wasn't that bad of a read. I tried to incorporate as much of the MH lore as I could. Even the base details amount to this many words! I hope an anime like this does happen, I think it could be really nice.


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