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Some fanmade Opening sequence poems for monsters not yet in Rise!

  1. "Darkness fills the sky, the times are at their end."

"The world is set ablaze, until there's not a land left to rend."

"His name sends fear into life itself, but don't look back ever again."

"For this creature hates many things, and humanity is NOT its friend"

"Blood boils, fire burns."

"Flesh rots, and bones are broken."

"So run for the sake of all life, lest his infinite wrath awoken"

The Legendary Dragon – Fatalis

  1. "The souls of the dead scream in fear, the Demon rises from the Fire!"

"His intentions malicious and his hide of blood, chasing all away."

"But fear is no longer what drives this creature, only a burning desire."

"To crush, and break, and melt everything until nothing is left of the world."

"But the flames hold a rage that even the world percieves Dire."

"And as the end is finally here, all that's left is the Demon's Ire."

The Crimson Demon – Crimson Fatalis

  1. "The light grows in intensity, an angel? a deity?"

"Monsters all around run rampant, their minds dreary."

"Like moths to a flame, the old kings come to face their demise."

"Because this is no Angel, but a Demon in disguise."

"Now with the world in its wings, this world can finally say goodbye…"

The Wings of Ruin – Oltura

  1. "Behold, the thunder, the blue sky glows bright!"

"As the stars gaze in jealousy, here shines a brighter light."

"With twirls and spins it rends the heavens, leaving only the clouds."

"The glow of its scales shine on the world that it crowns."

"But as its Rival transcends reason, it still stands proud."

"For in nature, The Blue Dragon is the strongest to be found."

The Azure Sky Dragon – Shantien

  1. "The land grows desolate, fire and ice no longer in twain."

"Life breathes its final breath, as they descend from the heavens."

"The seas tremble in fear, glad to be far away."

"And yet, what can't life comprehend?"

"Ponder not, save your breathe, for it is simply reasonable to relent…"

"All you find is pain and death.

"Here at World's End…"

The World's End (Map for Next Monster)

  1. "All is quiet, too quiet, the desolate land speaks nothing."

"Suddenly, there is a flash, blizzard and blaze reduce the land to ash."

"For loneliness the beast craves for most longest."

"And of trespassers, it is always least fondest."

"But in the end, who would dare?"

"The world cowers in despair and prays to prolong this."

"For life is but a battleground, and he is the World's Strongest…"

The Angel of Death – Dhisufiroa

"Cheer! Bow! Pay respect to the Emperor!"

"His cloak of fire burning bright, a draconic force at his might!"

"His subjects pay their life, all for the king's amusement."

"Disobey this king, and you will have wished for enslavement."

"His power great and his head held high."

"Here, he rules the Kings that Rule the sky."

"But leave his side and beg for just a contusion"

"Though begging can't save you now, as it's time for a Royal Retribution."

The Imperial Ruler of Dragons – Guanzorumu

"Fight! Toil! You must continue to thrive!"

"The end befalls you but you must not falter!"

"The human race will survive!"

"The ancients have fallen to the errors of their ways."

"To wrong nature, is to bring the end of days."

"But here is the origin, the chance for peace!"

"So you must fight on, no matter the blunder!"

"For now is the time for you to be a Monster Hunter!"

The God of Monsters – White Fatalis

Tell me if you have ideas or any suggestions for this possible series, thx!


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