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Some v2.0 LS Datadumps: Elemental Builds, Meta Builds, and Silkbind Boost


  • Check other threads for Meta Builds, they're all good.
  • Don't necessarily use Silkbind boost; if you can count to 25 hits between SHBs, you're better off using Affinity ramp.
  • Rathalos Longsword is legit; just use the same build as Tigrine Need but swap Lagombi gloves for Teostra Gloves.
  • Rimeblossom is sometimes good against Rajang/Diablos if you can constantly hit weak points
  • Almudron Longsword beats Tobi if for some reason you want to beat up Tobi?
  • Thunder and Dragon Longswords are useless

Quick Glossary: AB: Attack Boost; CE: Critical Eye; CB: Critical Boost; WE: Weakness Exploit; QS: Quick Sheathe, HC: Handicraft; PP: Protective Polish; MT: Master's Touch

Hey everyone,

So I'm a huge nerd and one day I'll remember that I should just post these things straight out instead of letting them mull on my computer for a week. Anyways,

Quick Summary of the Meta Builds

Hopefully LS players have seen the main LS posts so far. In particular we have this Imgur album going around Discord, this Google Doc by u/T3hPhish, and this whole post on this subreddit about sharpness builds. Each of these do a very good job at what they do and I recommend you checking these out. To summarise, though, with a QS2 2-2 Charm you should be able to get on Tigrine Need. With a slightly worse charm, drop one point of Crit Boost. On the other hand, if you want more sharpness, use Chameleos Finsword, where, your options are either , , or .

(Note that in the Google Doc, u/T3hPhish recommends CE5 and HC2 on the PP3 build; this is the one point I'd disagree with them, as HC1 should be sufficient if you're running PP, and thus you can add a point CE instead).

Just for comparison, these are the relative effective damage you'd get compared to running a Tigrine Need with Silkbind Boost, discounting Max Might, and assuming max sharpness:

Build Damage Change
Tigrine / Silkbind Boost +-0%
Tigrine / Affinity Ramp +2.5%
Cham / PP3 -5.5%
Cham / PP2 -1.2%
Cham / MT3 -6.9%

To see those precise builds, either check out the links above, or type the required skills into the awesome Set Builder.

Re-Evaluating Silkbind Boost for Humans

It's well known that Silkbind boost increases damage by ~10%; no one on the internet seems to have precisely confirmed where that 10% is added (is it to both raw and elemental? does it apply to the 15 attack from charms?). If we assume that Silkbind boost is as powerful as possible though, and applies at the very end, then we can say it's a clean 10% bonus on Helm Breakers (compared to no augment; or a 7.3% bonus compared to an Affinity Ramp) vs a 2.5% bonus on everything else. With some quick algebra, you basically need at least 25% of your damage (before Silkbind Boost) to be from Silkbind attacks for Silkbind Boost to be worth it. This more or less matches what the Google Doc says, but I want to quickly contextualise those numbers.

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Spirit Helm Breaker has a total motion value of 7*35*1.1=269.5 from Red. Iai Spirit Slash, from Yellow, gets 55+(35*3)*1.1=170.5, so if you play absolutely perfectly about 61% of your damage will be from Silkbinds. If, however, you play like a normal human being, the number's much lower. To sort of get a 'realistic' model of numbers, what I'm going to do is average out the damage from the Longsword's normal 'poke' attacks; namely, each hit of Double Drawn Slash, each hit of Iai Slash, the Thrust, Rising Slash, Fade Slash, the Foresight Return, and each hit of Reckoning Combo from Spirit Combo 2 inclusive. Assuming you're in Yellow, you average out with a motion value of about 31.4. Practically, this means that you need to land less than about 25 hits on average between Spirit Helm Breakers if you want Silkbind Boost to be useful (including before you get to Red); if you use Iai Spirit Slash to level up, you need to land less than 20 additional hits (counting Drawn Double Slash etc. as two hits). Next time you play I suggest you count how many hits you do, and if that's over the 20/25 guideline, consider using Affinity Ramp until you get better.

Elemental Builds

So Elemental Longsword wasn't spoken of very much in v1.0, and I was quite surprised. We had solid longswords for most elements, and the abundance of 1-slot gems meant that gemming in Element Attack was super practical. In v2.0, we did get an upgrade to the Fire Longsword, but the others were left behind a bit. But how does this compare to Raw?

In World, Elemental Longsword was generally less optimal for two main reasons. 1) the Spirit Gauge only applied to Raw, and more importantly, 2) Spirit Helm Breaker had a terrible elemental multiplier. In Rise, Spirit Helm Breaker has a less bad multiplier, while the spirit guage apparently applies to Element as well.

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The bad-ish news is that the best elemental longswords only have Blue Sharpness, and need about 3 Handicraft to get to White. 2 Handicraft is relatively doable, but 3 with any level of Protective Polish is much, much harder. Without this additional Handicraft, the optimum Elemental Armour actually just end up being mostly identical to the Tigrine Need Armour set, with only some slight deviations. In short, just follow the Tigrine Need build linked here, and then edit it with the weapons, Ramp Skills, and notes below:

Elem Weapon Ramp Notes
Fire Wyvern Blade Maple Elemental Exploit/Attack Up Use Teo Gloves instead of Lagombi
Water Doom Bringer Blade Elemental Exploit Use Weapon 2-slot on AB
Thunder Despot Boltbreaker Attack Up
Ice Rimeblossom Ice Up If you want Silkbind Boost, use Tigrine
Dragon Rampage/Squawkscythe ??? They're Both Terrible

So these are the best for their element, but how do they manage to Tigrine/Chameleos? Well, this depends on your motion values, and the monsters hitzones. To simplify the first, what we're going to do is to consider three attacks: 1) the 7 hits of a Spirit Helm Breaker (from Red); 2) the 4 hits of an Iai Spirit Slash (in Yellow); and 3) the average hits I described earlier in the Silkbind section (in Yellow). I'm then going to look at HR7+ Monsters, find the ones most weak to each element, and then compare the average damage from those three different attacks to Silkbind Tigrine, and the Elemental Options. To make this as simple as possible, I've normalised the damage numbers to make a sort of point system. Let's start with Fire for an Example.

Fire: Wyvern Blade Maple w/ Element Exploit

Monster (Raw HZ/Elem HZ) 'Average Hit' ISS SHB
Goss Foreleg (51/30) +1 +3.1 -3.5
Chameleos Head (55/25) +1 +2.6 -7
Almudron Tail Tip (65/25) +1 +2.1 -11

What you want to do is basically add up all your points together. So if we're fighting Chameleos, and land like 10 normal hits (score is 10*1) (and remember we're counting each hit of eg. drawn double slash individually), one ISS (score is 1.6), and one SHB (score is -7.4), your total points will be 10*1 + 1.6 – 7.4 = 4.2. If your score is positive, you're better off using an elemental weapon. So in the case of Goss Harag and Chameleos, you probably want to use Fire Element. With Almudron, you still probably do, but not as much. Do also note that Elemental Exploit is only good against enemies with Elemental Weaknesses greater than 25. Against other enemies, an attack augment is superior. I have highlighted some cases of this below, and follow this with the other elements:

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Fire: Wyvern Blade Maple w/ Attack Ramp

Monster (Raw HZ/Elem HZ) 'Average Hit' ISS SHB
Apex Arzuros Foreleg (45/20) +1 +2.7 -9
Almudron Head (55/20) +1 +2 -15
Barioth Head (65/20) +1 +1 -25

Water: Doom Bringer Blade w/ Element Exploit

Monster (Raw HZ/Elem HZ) 'Average Hit' ISS SHB
Tobi Head (48/30) +1 +2.3 -6.2
Anjanath Head (70/25) +1 -11 -82
Teostra Head (50/20) (Never Worth)

Thunder: Despot Boltbreaker w/ Attack Ramp

Monster (Raw HZ/Elem HZ) 'Average Hit' ISS SHB
Narga/Tigrex Head (65/25) +1 -8 -88

Ice: Rimeblossom w/ Ice Up

Monster (Raw HZ/Elem HZ) 'Average Hit' ISS SHB
Rajang Head (65/30) +1 +0.9 -20
Diablos Head (45/25) +1 +2.1 -11
Diablos Abdomen (65/30) +1 +0.9 -20

In reality, overall, only Wyvern Blade Maple is really worth using, with the Doom Bringer Blade optimal against, like… Tobi Kadachi only. Rimeblossom can be decent against Rajang and Diablos if you can hit weak points consistently, though. But don't bother with Thunder (as cool as it looks) or Dragon.

Closing Thoughts/Other

Thanks for reading if you do read this far. I have a spreadsheet I've been working on to show these calcs but it's late where I live so I'm a bit too lazy to clean it up and upload it right now. I may edit this post tomorrow with a cleaned Google Sheet if you want to double check/run your own calcs. But yea


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