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[SPOILER WARNING] the first 6 star urgent rampage quest’s final boss should be available as a normal quest.

ok, if you clicked this then you're probably aware of the fact this is a spoiler, so yes, I'm talking about wind serpent Ibushi. I recently defeated Narwa (great fight btw) and started to farm him because I wanted his armor and DBs for dragon element, and the fight itself is fun, but man, is farming it a pain in the ass… first of all, fuck Anjanath, he is basically immortal in rampage quests and every attack he does is 100% gonna hit you even if focused on the gates because of those mentally-retarded hitboxes, making him a complete asshole in rampages, and if 2 of them spawn at once… oh man, your area 1 gate is already gone. actually, any gate-focused monster that spawns in this quest is an asshole (except Rakna Kadaki for some reason), but Anjanath deserved a special mention for how annoying he is.

the other monsters (projectile-focused and offensive ones) aren't that much of an annoyance and I rarely even feel their presence, but having to deal with all the horseshit gate-focused monsters are, the time needed in general to get to wind serpent Ibushi, and the pressure it gives to having to worry about Ibushi not destroying the final gate make the overall experience much less enjoyable than it could've been if there was a quest where you hunt him like you hunt Narwa. the strongest attack from Ibushi isn't even focused on you, it's just rocks thrown at the gate! half of the Ibushi fight feels much more like you're worried of the final gate, and not of the actual Ibushi fight and his moves, and even if I learnt how to deal with it and how to kill him without much effort (especially thanks to the demon flight switch skill for DBs which is a godsend in the ibushi hunt and makes it super fun, along with making the gate-focused monsters somewhat more manageable), it still doesn't feel as fun as Narwa. I still don't get how to reliably stop his ultimate attack where he throws the rocks at the gate… the dragonator seems to work sometimes, but the 60% of the times the Ibushi still keeps floating and destroys half the gate's hp, where with Narwa it's pretty obvious you must go for the cannons while he's reading his ultimate attack, which always works if done properly and gives alot of free damage during and after the process.

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and then, there's another problem that in this case is particularly painful: the RNG. in order to forge and fully upgrade a full ibushi set (that btw has a really weird mix of skills) and the Ibushi duals, you need 2 wind serpent orbs. luckily, I got the first one from the urgent where I've only managed to repel it, but man, the game didn't want to drop the second one… I've had to do 23 goddamn Ibushi rampages just to get the other orb, and you can immagine how painful it is to do 23 rampages just to get that Ibushi fauld… of course you can just skip it and go for a better set, but since I'm a masochist and I wanted the Ibushi full set so hard, I continued to farm him until I got the second orb. now, it would've been much better if you could directly hunt the Ibushi without going through a whole rampage. indeed, farming the Narwa set and DBs has been much more enjoyable and I honestly think I'll craft some more weapons from him since I really liked the fight, thing I can't really say for Ibushi… hope we get a quest exclusively for him in one of the future updates.


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