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SPOILERS Gunlance datamine

Content of the article: "SPOILERS Gunlance datamine"

You can change the behavior of certain moves and silkbind skills. The datamined ones are:

===Charged Shelling or Blast Dash===

Charged Shelling – A shelling attack that utilizes residual heat. Unleashes a fortified shot, though this requires extra time to load. Great for Long and even Wide, since you can access the fast Wyrmstake from charged shells.

Blast Dash – An action that uses recoil to travel. By aiming the Gunlance backwards, the hunter is launched forward to quickly close in on the target. It is also possible to fire or perform a Blast Dash again while hurtling. Great for Normal and Wide to hug the monster and fullburst (if you reloaded previously!)

===Quick Reload or Guard Reload===

Quick Reload – An action for shell reloads. Allows for quicker shell reloading after an attack. While it reloads shells to max capacity, it does not reload Wyrmstake Shots.

Guard Reload – A reload action performed with the shield up. An effective technique that protects you while reloading both shells and Wyrmstake Shots, but reloads fewer rounds. Artillery-type Gunlances using fewer rounds will be less affected. The second part pretty much spells that Wide will likely get a full reload while others will reload 3 or 4 shells.

===Wirebug moves===

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Hail Cutter – Uses a Wirebug to launch you upwards performing a Rising Slash on the way up and an Overhead Smash on the way down. You can reload in midair, which reduces the cooldown time for Wyvern's Fire. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Fast). I like the move, but I feel the nerfed WF by increasing its cooldown 3x to justify it.

Ground Splitter – Uses a Wirebug to move forward and jump into a vigorous upward slash. Scraping the gunlance on the ground heats up the barrel, temporarily increasing the damage dealt by shells, Wyrmstake Shots, and Wyvern's Fire. (Wirebug Gauge recovery speed: Slow) Probably the one from the first video.

And Guard Edge of course. Which I wish had a longer guardpoint specially when compared to the one of the CB.


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