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[SwagAxe] RaW VS Elem : tests so far

Hi there,

I have been doing another set of tests. This time with the most damage ouput for RaW with Narga build. And then i used it as a base to compare with elemental build. And lastly i used the AB/Elemental build to compare to a CritElem/Elem/AB version.

1 ) Best RaW output so far

Night Cresent (Atk Ramp)

Almudron Helm S

Zinogre Mail S

Rathalos Brace S

Anjanath Coil S

Golden Hakama

WE 2 Charm

With deco it give



Rapid Morph 3

CB 2

Latent Power 2

Speed Sharpening 3

Flinch free 1

So its 90% crit with WEX + Base Narga. 110% on Latent power.

251 RAW with Talon/Charm on pouch. For now i can't find something that hit harder than this one. Of course its in the theorycraft way, without maths. The game's data being un-minable for the moment, its hard to predict the way CAPCOM made the math work for Rise.

2 ) Elemental build

I chosed to build an all around elemental build, that only need weapon and deco switch to work.

So the build itself :

Almudron Helm S

Narguacuga Mail S (this on can be changed for Jyura S trading 10% crit for Phial Uptime)

Rathalos Brace S

Anjanath Brace S

Remobra Feet S

WE 2 Charm

This give you with deco :

– Elemental of your choice 5

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– AB 7

– WE 3

– Rapid Morph 3

– Critical Eyes 2

– Speed Sharpening (2/3 can depend of the slot of the weapon)

For the weapon its :

– Zinogre for Thunder (Power phial)

– Rathalos for Fire (Element phial)

– Fall Drache for Dragon (Power phial)

– Almudron for Water (Element phial)

– Barrioth for Ice (Element phial)

I choose not to go for Critical Boost for this one, cause the crit range is 60 to 80% (with the build and the weapons listed) cause i considered that outside of 100% crit, it would be less efficient than so flat Crit or Phial uptime. This choice isnt maths based, and i could be wrong. But in a "feel way" it seemed to be the best option. And with element, math strat to be really really painful and complex.

And its there it start to be a pain in the ass : comparing Elemental and Raw build.

So i choose to test on the dummy of the training camp. HeadShot only. With Axe mode and Sword mode. Cause it seems that sword moves benefit more of element value thant axe. Again not a sacred truth here, just a feeling after testing.
If i resume my results : the RaW Crit build hit harder in axe mode (15 to 20%) but less hard in Sword mode (20 to 30%). When you add Rapid Morph in the equation, and the fact that you are always switching mode, then Elemental hitzone of monster, for each matchups… It became impossibe to find an accurate value to compare RaW and Elem .
Even more when you consider that if you want to follow the reflexion to the end, you would have to change gameplay between RaW and Elem, at view of the Elemental Scaling for the diffent modes. AKA more swordplay in Elem, and more axeplay in RaW.

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Having no accurate math to give to you i can give you my feeling on elem vs raw :

– It feel 50/50

– Elem SwagAxe is definitively viable

– Math can prove me wrong

3) Crit Elem or AB/Elem

Definitivly AB/Elem. For the sames weapons, you can lower the damage of 20/30% on a CritElem version. I give you the build i used :

Almudron Helm S

Rhopessa Thorax S

Rathalos Braces S

Remombra Belt S

Remobra Feet S

WE 2 Charm

giving you :

Elemental of your choice 5

AB 4

WE 3

Critical Element 3

Rapid Morph 3

Critical Eye 2

Wanted to share my tests with ya hunters. Hope it can help you to, as always im open to be proven wrong. Im no mathalos or speedrunner.



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