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So, I've been doing some tests and such on Switch Axe to find overall good Switch Axes, as well as nuances with the weapon since a lot of the in game info doesn't have much going for it. This isn't meant to be a "oh this is the best use this!" kind of thing, just more of observations I've had.

In terms of what a "good" Switch Axe is, it needs the following criteria.

– Blue or higher sharpness

– 0% or higher sharpness

– 200 or higher raw

Realistically, with these combined, you'll have a strong Switch Axe.

When it comes to phials:

– Power Phial is still technically the strongest, but not by much. I've seen folks says its been nerfed to a 15% attack boost instead of 20%. It also takes significantly longer to charge Amped State.

– Elemental Phial is as good in Rise as it was in Iceborne. It can match most other SAs, but Power Phial will still slightly out damage it.

– Exhaust Phial has finally gotten buffs for once, and it's pretty good. Great for KOs and tiring the monster.

– Dragon Phial is actually pretty strong. So far, it's only on elementless weapons (hopefully this will change in the future). It charges Amped State quite quickly.

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– Paralysis Phial is okay. It doesnt seem that different to past games.

– Poison Phial is in the same boat.

Switch Axe Exclusive Ramp-Ups

– Boost Equipped Coating: Kinda useless, doesnt do a whole lot

– Coating Switch Boost: It's a meh Ramp Up. It allows for a slight damage increase to morph attacks, as well as greatly charging your Phial when you morph into Axe Form. Seems rather meh to me.

So now, I've made a list of "Good" Switch Axes:

– Bishaten/Axe of Wisdom

– Rathian/Grior's Landmaker

– Ore 2/Conqueress

– Dragon/Fall Drache

– Nargacuga/Night's Crescent: (despite not matching the above criteria, it's still rather strong. However, in my testing, it's still beaten by other SAs with higher raw and power phial)

– Zinogre/Despot's Cloudburst

– Magnamalo/Sinister Shadowslice: (best in show, I've found. does a lot of damage, and the bonus blast topples monsters rather easily with a quick burst of 100 damage)

– Ibushi/Azure Elder II: (has absurdly high blue sharpness)

In terms of strong runner up SAs:

– Kamura/Ninja Axe (good all around, but other stronger options)

– Barioth/Amber Hoarfrost (great towards Ice-weak monsters, but beaten by other choices in other situations)

– Almudron/Doom Bringer (great towards water-weak monsters, but beaten by other choices in other situations)

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– Diablos/Axe Semper Tyrannis II (some folks say its amazing, but in my testing, it's rather weak, even with bludgeoner)

– Rajang/Undying Axe II (same as Blos SA)

– Narwa/Thunderbolt Axe I (great towards thunder-weak monsters, but beaten by other choices in other situations)

– Smithy/Petal Cloud (not the strongest choice, but one of two SAs to hit white sharpness. Plus it looks badass)

– Rampage SA (in a weird spot. I'd imagine as we get more Rampage monsters, we'll get more options for it. Currently, it's only purpose is to be a elemental phial dragon SA, as Hellish Edge is p garbage)

Other minor notes:

– Rapid Morph is a must have

– Power Prolonger 3 doubles Amped State charge time (from 45 to 90 seconds)

– Focus is useless (big surprise)

I'm hoping my observations through testing are accurate. Dataminers got really lazy with Rise it seems, with some getting the game a full 3 weeks early and doing nothing with sharing info outside of stupid things like HVZ changes from the demo.

If anyone has any corrections or anything, please share. It's hard to even find speedrunners using SA atm (compared to other weapons) so a lot of this info is mostly trial and error with the training dummy.

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