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Tempered Ruiner Nergigante 3’16 Dual Blades Heroics – Breakdown

Hey guys it’s Ruse! Been awhile huh? I decided to take a short break from runs but I’ve come back full swing with a pretty decent Tempered Ruiner Nergigante run, and now, I’m going to break it down for you all! I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the run:

Here’s the build:

I’d like to mention that I included Element I Augment on the build card, but I didn’t actually use it during this run because, well… I forgot.To start, I roll over to the Slinger Torch pods pile and load them into my slinger, afterwards, I then load my slinger with a single Dung pod. The dung pod will be used shortly to get Nergigantes attention, causing him to roar so that I can engage him faster.

While I’m running to the arena, I chug back one Mega Demondrug, a Dash Juice, and I take one Might seed. As I fall into the arena, I shoot my dung pod so that I can get Nergigantes attention as soon as possible, causing him to roar. I dodge the roar, and clutch claw his head so that I can turn, and wallbang him. After I land, I equip my Impact Mantle, activate Demon Mode,I press circle three times to do Demon Flurry Rush > Left Roundslash > Double Left Roundslash into L2 to Clutch Claw then I press Triangle to do a Spinning Rising Slash. This will ensure that his head is good and tenderized. I then do a few Triangle attacks before he gets up, I dodge his first roar, and throw down a couple of poison bombs so that when he lands he’ll get poisoned. I take the slam in order to activate Heroics, then I clutch claw his head, turn him, and slam him into the wall again.

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Now that we’re done with the wallbangs, we can focus on DPSing him. To close the distance between us, I start with a Demon Flurry Rush into Demon Flurry, I then activate Demon Mode, and press Triangle x3 to do Demon Fangs > Twofold Demon Slash > Sixfold Demon Slash into Triangle + Circle for a Blade Dance. As he gets up, he flinches back and I hit him one more time to get the KO. During the KO I hit him with a Blade Dance > Demon Fangs > Twofold Demon Slash > Blade Dance (Triangle + Circle > Triangle x2 > Triangle + Circle). He’s now about to stand back up and do his big slam, I dodge the roar and equip my Evasion Mantle.

As he slams, I make sure to dodge his spikes in order to activate my Evasion Mantle buff. I then attack his right arm with a Demon Flurry. Now that the start of the script is over, the rest of the fight mainly requires me to focus on both of his arms, and his head whenever he is down. Making sure I’m dodging plenty of his attacks and roars in order to proc my Evasion Mantle. Whenever I get the clagger, I dodge and do a Rising Slash > Left Roundslash > Left Double Roundslash into L2 for the clutch claw attack in order to extend the clagger briefly, but also to tenderize whatever part of him I manage to hit, usually its one of his arms or his head.

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Whenever he roars and is about to slam, I dodge to proc my Evasion Mantle, and run over to whatever arm is lowest in order to get a bit of extra damage off with Demon Fangs (Triangle + Circle when out of Demon Mode). When he lands, I hit whatever arm he didn’t slam into the ground, with a Demon Fangs > Twofold Demon Slash > Sixfold Demon Slash into Triangle + Circle for a Blade Dance. The remainder of the fight is just alternating between hitting either of his arms, dodging his roars whenever he’s about to slam, and extending claggers as best I can. I got pretty lucky and my Palico managed to paralyze him at one point which allowed me to get some extra damage in. I wasn’t expecting a clagger right after the paralysis so instead of doing the Clutch Claw combo, I just dashed over to him and did a normal clutch claw attack so that I could extend it and get a bit of extra damage in. After the final clagger, I break the spikes on his right arm so that I can knock him down, then I rush over to his head to get the final bit of damage in.

That’s about it! Overall this run took me probably around 20 hours to get. I don’t have much experience with Heroics runs in general, so it was quite the challenge but overall it was a ton of fun and I’m going to continue to push for a sub 3’10.

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I hope you guys enjoyed this breakdown, and that you enjoyed the run. Let me know what you guys think in the comments and feel free to ask any questions, I’ll try to answer all of them in a timely manner.

And once again, thanks for watching my videos and supporting my runs! It means a lot and I really enjoy putting together these small breakdowns for you all!

Thanks for reading and watching ~



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