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The devs has confirmed that elemental switching was unintended and will be removed (Rant about Genes)

(Less of a rage and more of a sad sobering talk)

To preface this, Stories 2 is my favorite game to come out this year so far. But its not without its flaws. (Story for example, and what I'm about to get into later)

I'm very, very mixed on this.

On one hand, yes. I completely understand that it took up way too many resources for something that kinda was inconsequential.

Not many people would have engaged with it anyways, and would have been way easier to just build the monstie to where it was leaning to anyways.

On the other hand: I hate what they done with Genes with this game.

So let me get this straight, one of the most advertized talking points of Stories 2 was "Oh you could have this gene on this monstie" but your pretty much penalized for doing so.

"Oh hey, you can put the fated four's genes on an Arzuros!" Except not only is that wasteful because those monsters are just far superior, but putting any elemental attack on Arzuros that isn't Non Ele is actually a huge downside on Arzuros himself.

Don't believe me?

Monsties | MHS2 | Kiranico | Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Database

Look up Arzuros and look up his elemental attack value and compare it to his non elemental.

For crying out loud, 251 for Fire? I mean it make sense, but you'd want me to sacrifice a Glavenus (who has far superior stats btw), put his Gene on Arzuros, all to do pitiful fire damage?

And all across the board everything else pales in comparison.

And thats even bad considering that we've already hit the boring meta for this game.

Non elemental monstie? (Nergigante, Bloodbath Diablos) Arachnaphobia!

Is your name Teostra? Well grab yo Bazelgeuse and give Teostra his Genes

Velkhana? Just pump Ice damage lol!

Look I'm not trying to be like "Its Meta or nothin!" Since the meta is boring and there really is no reason to go in so hard on this game.

The problem is, what is there we can do?

A lot of Genes are just worse versions of others. (Ignition Breath on Bazel is just a better version of Detonator from Uragaan, and this is actually one of the few examples of a better version being debatable)

And some are just not even worth using. (Lethal tackle? More like I'mma kill myself and still miss)

From what I've seen, theres not much in the way of Build variety. And, when there is, I'm just thinking "why not just run this lol".

Man I really wish I'm missing something here, and I'm probably am, but man does Stories 2 feel like it drop the ball when it comes to builds.

Effectively what I'm trying to say here is that: Making our Monsties personally our own is hard to do and honestly just makes them carbon copies of everyone elses, which sucks big time. (No cosmetics, no element changing, most genes pretty much being useless. Was really looking forward to making my Bazelguese crazy in both looks and gameplay, but my Bazel is just like everyones Bazel.)

Easily the most disappointing thing in this game.


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