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the Fatalis theory that i think about all the time

So there’s that one theory i heard, and i’m pretty sure it can be debunked in a single line, but it’s so cool and terrifying that i am honestly in love with it??

The armour and weapon descriptions from Fatalis’ weapons usually talk about the malice radiating from it, and in some cases talk about how it feels the pieces are almost alive. On top of this i believe that there’s also descriptions of the armour set that state hunters who wear his set will eventually go insane from its effects.

All of that is already super cool, and i think it’s so interesting that fatalis has that much power to corrupt beyond death. However, the even cooler thing is how it’s implied that fatalis can actually regrow from a single scale. This is implied from the continuous farming of the giant sword in Generations.

Now what i really love is the combination of these two aspects, that meld into the (albeit a bit of a stretch) theory that Fatalis’ were once actually hunters, who were corrupted mentally by the armour that once signalled their success. The idea that the armour is slowly regrowing over the hunter, whilst it poisons their mind is so terrifying? and i absolutely want to draw something like this. It’s also worth noting that fatalis seems to be smarter than most other monsters, actively using sadistic methods like melding the hunter to his hide in world, which is a very brutal, almost as if he’s aware of the suffering he causes.

and before you say it, i know fatalis eggs are a thing, and they grow in like 30 minutes or something- but how cool would this be in a show or something?!? I’m itching to make a fan comic because oh my god

Edit: since i feel a bit naff without it, here are my sources (again not saying it’s canon, it’s an interpretation of a game where u smack monster)

(MHFU) Fatalis Spine desc. “The longer you use it, the more you feel the armor's spirit take control of you.”

(MHFU) Fatalis Hide desc. “Power that is discomforting. The instant it is worn, the lust for darkness reigns.”

(MHGU Pokke village Wiki) “the player can harvest Dark Pieces and Dark Stones from the mysterious Giant Sword. A non-Harvest Tour quest must be completed before the Giant Sword can be mined again.” (note this is my main evidence atm for regen, which again, i don’t seek to prove this as canon)

(MH4) Fatalis Sickle desc: “A scythe that reaps life. It is said that once a wound is received, it will never heal, and it will be irritated for 10 or 100 years.”

(ICEBORNE) Black fatalis blade: “Those who hold this Fatalis great sword are destined to be locked in an eternal struggle with the beast.”

(ICEBORNE) Fatalis demolishes: “Sacred Fatalis hammer. Open the South Gate, draw life from the veins of the dragon.”

(ICEBORNE) Fatalis Menace Wailer: “A Fatalis hunting horn of despair. Its song causes listeners to turn into unfeeling beasts.”

(ICEBORNE) True Fatalis Dyaus: “Within this Fatalis insect glaive, nature and evil both seek the key to control the uncontrollable.”


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