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The more I fight Shara Ishvalda, the more I grow to hate it.

Content of the article: "The more I fight Shara Ishvalda, the more I grow to hate it."


Was it SO hard to give it more attacks that lower its head? I mean come on! AT LEAST let its sonic beam come out of its mouth! Makes way more sense than screaming from its fingers (fun fact of the day, Shara Ishvalda is a registered sex offender and is wanted in all 50 states on account of its continued finger molestation of both men and women alike.)

Normally the fight isn’t horrible if you just aim to win, its arms and chest are weakpoints and it cannot use too many damaging attacks to hit you, but going after its head is an entirely different story. 2 attacks in particular shorten my lifespan from the sheer anger:

  1. The sonic beam. I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOVE a zero windup attack that halves your health, is spammed, covers all the weakpoints, leaves zero opening and repositions the monster away from you. Fucking hell, this is like a worse version of Tigrex’s charge, hitbox and all. Oh yeah, fuck shield users too again because even with guard up, the stamina chip is out of this World.

  2. Down and out fingie beams. I am a CB user who doesn’t use Guard up because MOST OF THE TIME I can avoid these types of attacks fairly easily and go for that nice heavy gem armor that lets me get crit up, weakness exploit AND artillery… Most of the time… Not in this case… This is one of the few attacks in this entire game where I actually have no choice but to tank the hit. Sheath? Not fast enough, get hit. Repeatedly roll? Not far enough away, get hit. I-frame? *laughs in deceptively thick hitbox*.

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Oh yeah, old news, I know… But nearly all of its equipment requires a full head break. Keep in mind Shara effectively has 18,000 HP after the 1st phase, so almost the same as a Guiding lands Glavenus… Yikes that’s little. So 80% time I am killing it before the head fully breaks, in fact the few times I did break it was with bounce bomb spam + bombardier. And unfortunately my build isn’t that compatible with guns or high hitters like the GS and LS, and grinding for new sets is just begging to cause me to get fucked by RNG (same reason I burnt out in GU).

Welp… Time to look up strategies on the internet… OH! The pillars! That’s right! Let me try luring it over…

*10 minutes pass of Shara spamming ranged attacks over and over again, refusing to come an inch closer to the pillar as I eat a sandwich*

Ok, fuck that, I am just gonna fight it and hope it eventually gets close to one.

*Shara proceeds to beam spam and destroy all the pillars*


Yeah, just fuck Shara in general. It looks cool and its theme is lit but the fight itself is about as pleasurable as shredding my dick with a cheese grater.

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