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The top 10 players that get on my nerves

Dishonorable mention: Me, when I don't play very well and need to GIT GUD. 1. The hosts that SOS then decides to kick mindlessly. This one I put on top because it happens much more frequently then afks. Cart once? Kick. One cart left? Kick everyone, not just the people who carted. Miss a TCS? Kick. Miss a flinch shot? Kick. These people are the biggest slap in the face to people that are chill hunting and might make a mistake here and there. (Some kicks mind you are indeed justified, even needed.) 2. The guilding lands afk host: Seriously, go screw yourselves man. 3. Any other afk: Slightly less worse off than the guilding lands and also, I'm happy to see that AFK hosts or AFKs rarely happen. 4. Intentional Triple Carter: This when it happens is absolutely awful, even worse than #3 and arguably #2, but I put it down here because it almost never happens. 5. Corner Healer/Horner: Also very rare, but when I see one, I know they're trolling, because when I try to Hadouken them back to the area, they go to camp. Pretty much an intentional afk. 6. HBG Cluster Spammer and HBG Wyvern Ammo Spammer: I've never seen one. But if I do, I'd go nuts because of how much it disrupts fights, even more than 7 LS players combined. 7. The far ranged weapon users (this is more of a niche disliking): I'm not talking about all ranged weapons. I'm talking about those ranged bow users who stay extremely far from the monsters in non-crit distance or at the very tip) typically found up the ledge), the sticky users who run 100 miles at a single monster attack to never be attacked again, and that HBG pierce guy who runs from the monster until he is in the other end of the area of the hunt. Grow some balls. 8. People who place Bombs in the middle of the fight… It's an HBG cluster but less obstructive. 9. Axe Uppercut spammer: Whether you're playing CB or SAXE, Stop spamming that danged uppercut move. For SAXE, there are 900 better options. For CB, just delay the uppercut for a tiny second in that combo and you get a normal strong heavy down slam (i forgot what it's called). 10. Shield huggers: I honestly don't hate them, because I laugh my arse up when I see them. These are the lance and GL users who's main damage comes from the poke in guard stance and walk to the monsters in guard stance.

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