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The Trials and Tribulations of Seskia the Heavy Bowgunner – Part One: Great Jagras to Barroth

Content of the article: "The Trials and Tribulations of Seskia the Heavy Bowgunner – Part One: Great Jagras to Barroth"

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I figure the first four monsters is as good a benchmark as any to get this ball rolling. Dunno how frequently me documenting my experiences with my HBG-only run will be, but I can at least write this post up while I'm still thinking about it.

Character: Seskia, the Heavy Bowgunner who hasn't slept in twelve years

Equipment: Steel Assault 1 (I, uh… I forgot that I downloaded a DLC which gave me two free Earth Crystals and Dragonite Ores as part of a starter pack. But, I did say that anything goes in this run if it's HBG and no Defender/Guardian, so fuck it, I have a Rarity 3 HBG for the first four hunts, whatever.)

Mods: Two Shields

Hunt 1: Great Jagras

Armor: 3 Hunter/2 Chainmail, for lack of better non-Guardian armor

…I mean, it's a Great Jagras. Even with a HBG, there's only so much trouble the fatass can give you. The bigger concern was that he was surrounded by baby Jagras, who constantly got in the way of me capitalizing on a prime Wyvern shot by bouncing on my fucking head. It's okay, though, I Cluster Bombed them out of spite.

End Result: Slayed. Took around eight minutes, and most of that was the Kestodon stuff beforehand.

I had enough materials at this point to make the Great Jagras HBG for optimal early game Spread, so I did. But, uh, given that Steel Assault 1 outstrips the GJ HBG in terms of damage output, it's been put on the backburner until I can start grabbing the materials to upgrade it. Also, I kinda have to wonder what Affinity even means for a HBG – is it big on crit damage? It seems like whether it crits or not relies squarely on its ammunition, at least from what I've seen so far. Of course, I've only really ever played melee before now, so naturally I'm, how you say, inexperienced with this concept.

Hunt 2: Kulu-Ya-Ku

Armor: 3 Hunter/2 Chainmail. None of the Great Jagras gear really jumps out at me on a skill level, and at this early point in the game, skills don't really matter so much anyhow.

You'd think that a gun about as long as you are tall with a minigun setting on it would be able to crack open a rock, or, you know, a pot that Kulu decided to dig up. You'd think this, and you'd be wrong, bullets don't pierce stone or pottery, you fucking brainlet, what the hell's wrong with you?

Apart from that, though, Kulu is Kulu. He jump, he peck, he run, he get shot in he ass because he decided to run off while I was minigunning at him. Dodging his jumps consistently requires a bit more focus than normal, because HBG dodges slower than other weapons. I appreciate it though, it's teaching me to be wary of my positioning before committing to a shot. Granted, it seems Capcom has hard-coded monsters to immediately do their obnoxious charge attacks when you stop to reload, because every single time I ran out of ammo, Kulu would jump on my head, the cheap little fuck.

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End Result: Slayed.

I ended up having to fight Kulu about three more times in order to grab all the materials for the chest and waist pieces of his armor, because Stamina Surge and Item Prolonger seem pretty good for me right now. Went and grabbed Gajau pants so that I could move through water easier (I'm already slow, I don't need to be even slower), and I finally found a set where Vespoid armor pieces don't look like crap – specifically the helmet, though. Because, you know, Speed Sheath might help with that whole, "taking a thousand years to put your gun away" issue.

Hunt 3: Pukei-Pukei (We're skipping over the expeditions I did on the side in order to get my gear up to a reasonable level. You don't need to read about that.)

Armor: 2 Kulu/1 Hunter/1 Vespoid

Stop spinning around, you poison-farting shitbird. You have done nothing but SPEEN ten times in the last three minutes, learn some new fucking moves you assclown. Also, I refuse to acknowledge running as an attack, Capcom, you'll never make me change my mind, and no, I don't consider the "it's a giant monster running into you, of course it'll hurt" argument to be valid, because if I can get kicked in the face by a Rathalos and go flying off the top of an enormous tree and survive slamming into the ground ("I've found the Rath Nest! Surely, nothing bad can come of this," I said, as Rathalos descended from the sky behind me), then being slowly bumped into by a monster roughly twice my size is not going to do worse damage to me. Fuck that noise.

It was here that I learned just how painful trying to cut tails with a gun is. Slicing Ammo, at best, kept magically attaching to Pukei's wing near enough to the tail to do damage to both hitboxes, and at worst sailed clean over Pukei's entire body, because Capcom has this real problem where they can't seem to make aiming reticles that actually, you know, have any bearing on where the shot's going to land. This exists in Dragon's Dogma, too, you have to aim your shots where you generally think they're going to go, it's real fucking stupid. The day Capcom ever makes an FPS, all your shots will go wild even though you're aiming down the iron sights.

But anyhow, back to Slicing Ammo: When I did somehow manage to attach it to the tail, it still took me, what, seven reloads before it finally cut the fucking thing off? And this is far from the last time that I'm going to need a tail in order to fashion armor or weapons, so yay, I get more of this agony to look forward to.

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Oh yeah, and for some reason, even though he ran right into my shields, Pukei apparently reassured himself that shields aren't real, as he closed his eyes and charged headlong into me, because I still got knocked on my ass even though he should have bounced off. It's two shields against a Low Rank Pukei, you seriously mean to tell me that that's not sufficient defense at this point in the game, Capcom?

I normally like fighting Pukei, but hoo boy, not with a HBG.

End Result: Slayed. Christ.

I had exactly enough materials to make a single piece of Pukei gear, so I chose the gloves, because, I dunno, I guess I might decide to farm him later (shudder) and the poison resistance might come in handy. You know, for all those times that my brain stops functioning and I'm too stupid to dodge out of the big, purple puddle of death juice right in front of me.

Hunt 4: Barroth (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pierce Ammo)

You ever walk into a hunt, jazzed as hell and certain that you're fully prepared to stomp a monster's skull in? Yeah, so then Barroth came into my room and punched me in the balls. My smile and optimism: Gone.

To my credit, my current streak of one-trying hunts remains unbroken (by which I mean, going into a hunt blind and successfully beating it on the first try without fainting – I've fought Barroth before, obviously, but not with a gun, so I was essentially blind for this hunt). I did not faint against Barroth. But that's hardly any accomplishment worth bragging about, since I damn near timed out trying to find his fucking weapoints with a gun. I preemptively swapped over to Pierce Ammo because I knew his shell was gonna be a bitch, but even then, when golden numbers flashed up, I couldn't tell you where I hit him to make it happen. This was the first fight where I spent the entire time just shooting at random because I had no clue what I was doing. And if Kulu was bad about choosing the exact moment I had to reload to decide to charge me, Barroth was King Shit of Bitch Mountain in that respect. I do also love how my mile-long dodge length is apparently still insufficient to avoid getting caught in Barroth's mud, even when I am clearly nowhere near said mud to begin with and really only dodged out of reflex. So, apparently mud has obnoxious hitbox radius-es-es-es-es, too.

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But hey! Thank you, Barroth, for introducing me to Tranq Ammo. Nighty-night, shitlover.

End Result: Captured.

And I think I'm gonna call it good on World for the day. I'ma go play some nice, relaxing House Flipper to cool down a bit, because while I'm not as mad as I'm sure I'll be in future posts, I am still very annoyed.

TL;DR: Great Jagras, 10/10. Kulu-Ya-Ku, 8/10. Pukei-Pukei, 3/10. Barroth, drown me in mud and end my suffering/10.


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