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The Trials and Tribulations of Seskia the Heavy Bowgunner – Part Two: Jyuratodus to the first Zorah Magdaros siege

Content of the article: "The Trials and Tribulations of Seskia the Heavy Bowgunner – Part Two: Jyuratodus to the first Zorah Magdaros siege"

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So, remember when I said I was done with World for the day? Yeah, I lied. Back at it again at the Krusty Krab, let's go.

(And then he proceeded to take until the dawn of the next day to write this post.)

Character: Seskia, the Heavy Bowgunner who hasn't slept in twelve years

Equipment: Steel Assault 1

Mods: Two Shields

Hunt 5: Jyuratodus

Armor: 2 Kulu/1 Pukei/1 Gajau/1 Vespoid

Barroth, all is forgiven. Fucking SHIT, Jyuratodus sucks balls to fight with a HBG. Fighting him melee is fine, boring even, you come at him with a Switch Axe and he practically digs his own grave to spare you the inconvenience of laying him in it, but with a HBG? Oh my good god damn, suddenly he's the worst fight in the game. The mud is next to impossible to reasonably avoid unless you want to spend the majority of the fight with your gun on your back, you pretty much HAVE to soften his body parts to get any good damage off on him, he never fucking stops moving around long enough for you to hit him (I shouldn't be saying that until fucking Iceborne!), the fact that they give you precisely three Screamer Pods is a war crime, I'll fucking testify against you at the tribunal, Capcom, see if I don't!

Oh, but easily the worst of his attacks is the one where he dives and then tries to pop up under your feet. I said Kulu made me pay attention to my positioning before committing to a shot? Nah, fam, Jyuratodus made me keenly aware of my positioning before I even so much as unfolded my weapon to start the fight.

Also, fun trick Capcom pulled, if for some reason you end up fighting Jyuratodus long enough, he goes off and gets into a turf war with Barroth. Good times, right? Well, not when Barroth gets so irrationally upset at being dunked on by a fish that he decides to take it out on you, it ain't. I think this hunt's the closest I've come to fainting so far. I pulled through, but only because I have amazing luck with the palico AI and Meow Mix was Johnny on the spot with Vigorwasps to keep me alive.

End Result: Captured. I didn't want to deal with this shitwad any longer than I had to. Melee or bust for Jyuratodus, that's my hard and fast rule now.

Hunt 6: Tobi Kadachi

Armor: 3 Bone/1 Barroth/1 Vespoid

That awkward moment when I have to drop back down to Bone armor in order to fight Tobi because my only other option for good Thunder defense is grinding Barroth.

…So uh, question: What the fuck? Excuse me, what?

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Oh, don't misunderstand, I beat Tobi. First try. Took no damage. It was… unexpectedly boring, considering the monster I was fighting. You'd think that a hyper-fast Thunder monster like Tobi would be a nightmare incarnate for a person running HBG, and I fully expected this hunt to either be the one that broke my Beaten First Try Without Fainting streak, or that I'd finally have to break out SOS Flares, but he… he might as well have been standing still, for how refreshing his fight was after dealing with Barroth and Jyuratodus back-to-back. I mean, I did a lot of rolling, yeah, because I am well aware of Tobi's gimmick, and I wanted nothing to do with being Thunderblighted and then stunlocked to death, but this allowed me to keep a healthy distance between him and I, which allowed Meow Mix to steal aggro, which let me just kinda kick back and pelt Tobi with Pierce 2 and Spread shots with near-impunity. I swapped to a different ammo type precisely one time, and that was my Tranq Ammo so I could make Tobi go to sleep. Honestly, I could've just not bothered building an Anti-Thunder set, for how little it wound up mattering.

End Result: Uh… yeah, captured. Not the outcome I expected, but I'll take it.

Hunt 7: Anjanath

Armor: 3 Bone/1 Kulu/1 Hunter

So, regardless of how I feel about this hunt, I have no choice but to grind Anjanath. Anjanath's gear is built specifically with bowguns in mind, and it's also the best fire armor you can get at this point in the game.

Therefore, it's a good thing that, much like with the LBG, fighting Anjanath with a HBG is piss easy. The most hassle I had was his Fireblighting problem and the fact that I nearly ran my Slicing Ammo dry before I finally cut his tail off. Past that, I was rejoicing in the fact that his attacks come out so slow that my mile-long dodge had plenty of time to carry me out of harm's way before I even had to worry about getting hit. And there was one part of the fight where I was the one doing the stunlocking, making him flinch every time I shot him in the face with Spread Ammo. It was glorious, and I'll probably never pull it off again.

Hell, I managed to beat him before he could get to that one part of the Ancient Forest that's just a trampoline of vines, usually he goes straight there and proceeds to be a real cocksucker, bouncing up and down on those and popping around between there and the ground, so I'm always staggered, all the time.

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Two of my least favorite monsters became two of my favorite fights… this bodes ill.

End Result: Captured. I'd have killed the fucker, but since I need his gear, I have to get as much loot out of him as I can, so my hands are a bit tied.

Hunt 8: Zorah Magdaros, Round One

Armor: 2 Chainmail/2 Hunter/1 Pukei. This whole “hunt” is scripted to a T, it doesn't matter what gear I bring to this fight, so I went with pure Fashion Hunter (as best as I could manage, anyhow). I brought the Chainmail helmet so that I could mine as much ore off of Zorah's ass as possible.

You can pretty much infer how this hunt went just from that little blurb up above. The most awful part of the fight was the part where I wasn't fighting, because I had to wait for Zorah's slow ass to break the damn barrier. You pretty much have to go miniguns on his magmacores in order to break them any time this century, though, which I guess is annoying if you think you're gonna speedrun either of the two Zorah sieges (and, like… why would you bother? It's still gonna take you ten minutes or more to get it over with, that's by design). Apart from that, the brief little headbutting with Nergigante was interesting, in that he never successfully hit me, which is rare for him. Usually, in the ten-ish seconds I have to fight him, he makes me want to scream hard enough to rend the heavens. Meh, he'll have plenty of time to make up for this poor showing in High Rank, I'm sure.

Also interesting was the unexpected arrival of Haldir, the Kulve Taroth Insect Glaive user rocking full Oolongs and a Temporal Mantle… for the Low Rank Zorah siege. I mean, cool, thanks for hopping in bud, but I think your gear miiiiighta' been a tad overkill for this hunt. In fact, between the two of us, we ended up trouncing Zorah in record time, to the point where we had both broken all of his parts, mined all of his ores, and were just standing on his back as he slowly limped to the second barrier. We even had a small chat about it:

Me: We kicked his ass too fast lol

Haldir: This one's always slow

So that was neat, at least.

Well, this has easily been the most (unexpectedly) boring part of Low Rank for me. But don't worry, next is the Highlands and the Vale, and all the little bastards I hate who live there.

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Like Legiana.

And Legiana.

And who could forget Legiana?

I think I'ma work on grinding parts from the monsters I've fought so far before I go throwing myself bodily into the next pair of locales, so my next post in this series could be a while.

TL;DR: Jyuratodus can suck my balls, everybody else was pretty chill. Including Haldir. Especially Haldir.


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