Monster Hunter World

The Wrath of Rath, or: A Comedic Tragedy

So, I've picked back up some MHGU lately after going back to World for a good while. Decided to tackle the Advanced village quests that I've let sit undone for who knows how long. I finished Out of The Fry Pan after just a couple tries surprisingly. Riding high off of this unexpected victory, I quickly decide to take on "The Wrath of Rath", a task to hunt both a Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos at the same time in an arena. Oh my GOG I did not expect this two monster quest to be so much more harder/annoying than the last one. I thought dealing with Tigrex and Narg at the same time was bad but the power couple had me carting harder than a Wal-Mart attendant.

So after more attempts of this quest than I'd like to admit to, I seem to finally have my stride on one. Silver 'Los is dead, I still have 2 traps to cheese the Rathian, have about half my megas and all my normal potions left. Me and Gold Rathian continue to dance for a bit and I'm pretty sure she's nearing dead. I managed to sever her tail and keep up some good DPS. Once the tail is off, I get cocky though. I go for a charged slash with my greatsword even though I see her reeling for her tail spin, thinking to myself "Dumb monster, you have no tail, you can't poison me anymore!" Oh, how wrong I was.

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She hits me with her spin, I get poisoned, and I'm nearly dead. I run to the fence switch to separate us while I heal up, trapping her in what I refer to as "Gay Baby Jail". I heal up, she stampedes at the fence to no avail, her face slightly clipping through it. I notice my Lion's Maw III is ready so figure "eh what the hell" and go to face the Gaudy Wyvern and have an amped draw attack for when the fence goes down.

"Main Objective Complete". I can't believe my eyes! This quest that had been giving me so much trouble was finally done! All I had to do now was carve the Rathian and– The fence. The fence was still up. Only 60 seconds until I returned to the village, and my quarry was on the other side of a fence that still had far more time than that left.

I probably made this far lengthier than it needed to be, but I just wanted to share this funny story with my fellow Hunters. These games always find a way to punish hubris.


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