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Theory Craft Switch Skills for Shelling

I wanted to come up with some mechanics that increase the potency of Gunlance while polishing each of the Shell Types style. These are intended to use a separate 4th slot so that all other mechanics still apply with only the slightest of changes while also not relying on the Wire Bug feature to pull off. That said, there will be a second suggestion for a 5th Slot that does make a big change to the weapon provided people opt into using. Without further adieu, let's begin. And in spirit of Rise, I have prepared Haikus for your entertainment.

4th Switch Skill: Scatter Burst & Bayonet Burner

Scatter Burst- Douse Holy Incense~From A Far, Heralds Repent~Shatter Broken Stars.

Description-Gain the ability to fire up to, but no more than, Half of your Gunlance's Maximum Clip during certain parts of the Melee combo (Rising Slash and Wide Sweep). Uses a smaller Modifier of the Gunlance's Full Burst Modifier. No Recoil.

Thoughts- Very obvious, this is a boon to Normal and Long's FullBurst playstyle. Some may say that this is just SlapStick with oomf, and to that I say "That's exactly what FullBurst is"=SlapStick+Explosions. And I know what some of the immediate thoughts may be on this-isn't it weird to have a playstyle that discourages Normal from FullBursting? Even with a smaller multiplier, this is still a stronger version of SlapStick. No Recoil and Explosions? Why use FullBurst at all?! This may feel weird…however, I think we need to grow past that. This is still a style of Shelling that prioritizes and scales with Normal's strengths, it is quite literally made for it and only makes the weapon stronger for it. Just need to take that leap.

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Edit: Course, you can always Blast Dash into a FullBurst.

Bayonet Burner- Bathe Your Blade With Shells~Every Iron Blow Brands Beast~Caressed In The Glow.

Description-For every Shell attack, your Gunlance will become heated. The next melee attack will Burn the target for 10% of your Raw over 2 seconds.

Thoughts- This is for Poke Shelling, works extremely well via the re-application of the buff. While it is a buff to one's melee, the mechanic keeps the Shelling aspect highly relevant. From here the only thing you would need to do in order to optimize your dmg is pick the Gunlance with the best Basic Shells to keep up and desire to keep the monster in extremely close range for Poking and Oh hi, Wide, how is your Shell Life?

5th Switch Skill: Wyrmstake Cannon & Artillery Primer

Wyrmstake Cannon- Not Doing Haiku~Leave It As Is, For The Most~Appreciated

Description-Do nothing.

Thoughts- Deserves an Entire Discussion to itself to actually dive in and discuss the full potential of the WSC. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the idea of Modding them, nothing for me to say on the matter but cool.

Artillery Primer- Once Was, Now Over~Yet My Barrel Still Smolders~Remember Our Greed

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Description-First, make Super Charge Shells Universal and this a requirement for them. Second, have Super Charge Shells buff of the next Basic Shell in your current clip with a Charge and will come out as a Charge Shell. If you have Blast Dash equipped instead, the next time you use the skill, you will turn your shield into a Weapon that deals blunt dmg and counters attacks.

Thoughts-We need to talk about Super Charge Shells. I don't really care for its implementation and it really falls off the wagon of expectations in my perspective. It's literally just a Charge Shell with an extra step and no pay off that matters beyond a Wake Up Hit which will allow you to gauge whether or not you should follow up with WyvernsFire in order to knock the monster down and not accidently flinch it back up that exist on a Weapon that honestly shouldn't use it…sorry, I have a lot of problems with this design choice-this is all my subjective opinion. But if Super Charge Shells added something, a different playstyle, I could find that more enticing. And I think this is as good as any time to reintroduce a smaller version of Valor Shot where your next shell is granted a buff. Bare in mind it's only for one Shell, but, it's to give a feeling of 'Double Barrel Shotgun' or 'Double Tap For Good Measure'. You're free, however, to use this as a Salvo of Super Charge Shells as the next Shell in the clip is already Charged and can thus be charged further into Super Charge Shells. It's good for Long…and Wide-much as I don't want it to be. So why did I choose to trade Wyrmstake Cannon for this? Only because this is more focused on the clip and not Stake Spam. Still working on it, very experimental.

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