Monster Hunter World

This grind is ridiculous.

There’s a reason I gave up on the DB, IG and Bow in GenU.

Holy fuck… Whose idea was it that it would be fun to have players hunt the same monster 50 times in a row only to fight it 50 times more in the next rank and 50 times more in that last rank with an extra total of 100 from whatever the game’s version of super monsters are?

It’s still an issue in World… So many fucking weapons need a god damned rare resource for every god damned upgrade! Dude… I just want to try out what it is like to use a bow, I don’t want to have to hunt 60 Anjanath until RNJesus blesses me with a fucking gem only to need another gem to upgrade it again. I honestly feel that these dumb asses who whine about Rise reducing grind have never suffered from bad RNG. Thank fuck its fixed in Rise with the elemental buff because maybe now I can stop religiously clutching to raw damage because its cheaper to grind.

And Iceborne made it so much fucking worse. At least in Gen, the only post game grind was deviants and events and you were done…. Now you have layers upon layers of fucking grinding…

“Oh what’s that? You killed Shara Ishvalda 100 times to get gems and tenderplates? Great! Here’s the guiding lands where you NEED to kill over 1,000 generic monsters that you already spent the entire fucking game grinding… Oh what’s that? You’re about 100 kills in and you literally have nothing else to do because by now you already have your set at its peak? Well not quite… See… Once you kill 600 of them… New monsters spawn that have better sets that you need to grind up and upgrade… Hey! You did it! You got silver los or whatever’s armor an- hey! Where are you going! You can’t proceed yet! You have kill the full 1,000 to augment those weapons to max slots! Hah, get back out there you little bitch. Ah… You finally made it… Your armor is upgraded to pass 1,000 defense… Your weapons have 6 slots or whatever… So nice… WELP!!! ANYWAY!!! You ain’t done yet! See, we have 3 variant monsters, only one of which has actually good equipment, and because we don’t know the meaning of good difficulty 9/10ths of the time, Raging Brachy was made to be a fucking tedious as hell and repetitive battle… Also… We didn’t give you any investigations… You know what that means… Holy shit you are still alive… Man, those 2 million Raging Brachy hunts sure took there toll on you. Anyway… Now onto Alatreon! You can do it chipper and-! OH YOU FOOL… You can’t use that raw weapon of yours! No… Go back and get some element and- hey! No, not those OLD weapons you have for each element, those won’t do dumb ass! See those 2 monsters? Yeah! Safi and Kulve… Go fight them, also just because we love you so much, we made sure that their weapons are RNG! Huh? What? You play by yourself? These monsters are not fighting that fair and are spamming attacks too often for you to land hits? Well, that sounds like a you problem… Go on sucker, fight them and we will see if you have hair left in your head! Ah.. You’ve done it! You finally have your Kulve weapons and Safi weapons after over a billion hunts fighting with RNG! Anyway, go ahead, slay Alatreon, you’ve earnt it! Ahh… It’s nice isn’t it… You’ve beaten the game NOT! Little stupid fucking bitch, you forgot something haven’t you? That’s right! It’s your old friends… The Arch Tempered Dragons! Whoo man! You will have fun with these! Oh man… And you ain’t even done yet! You still got Fatalis and AT Velkanha to deal with! 66k HP? 30 minutes? OHKO spam? Have fun! Don’t die!”

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– Capcom

I love you Rise, please reduce grinding, you have fixed so much already like the… Some of the hitboxes, and grinding is reduced and we have faster travel options…


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