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Thoughts about Latent Power on Bow

So there's been some interesting information going around about Latent Power recently. After looking into it, the skill suddenly seems very interesting to me as a bow player, and I wish to share my reasonings why. It's probably not top-level meta or anything, but it should at least be included in one's considerations if they're building for Bow.

Point 1: Changed activation mechanics

Gaijinhunter made a

about this recently. Long story short, what speeds up Latent power's activation now seems to not be getting damaged, but instead being in an attack animation. Based on the numbers Gaijinhunter gives, if you do nothing it activates after 2min 45sec of combat, but every bit of time in an attack animation counts for double. The buff itself apparently lasts for 2min.

For the shortening by attack animations, Bow's dashdancing seems to count based on a quick try. I started a timer in the training room when the toadversary "sees" you (red eye pops up at the top of the screen), and measured how long it took to trigger if I mostly just dashdance with Dodgebolt and fire arrows. It came up at around the 1:40 mark for me. So a theoretical uptime of 50% might not seem completely unfeasible in ideal circumstances, although monster area transitions can end up hampering this.

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Point 2: Stamina cost reduction stacking

Stamina cost reduction has also been reworked. Tidus made a

on this recently. Notably, there's 2 different groups of stamina reduction, and these groups both individually have a 50% reduction cap. The groups can then stack together for a maximum of 75%. Group 1 has Constitution and eating for Fighter, while Group 2 has stuff like Dash Juice, Stamina butterflies, HH buff, and the palico buff.

Most notably, it seems that Latent Power is in the second group, and therefore doesn't get lumped into the same pool with Constitution/Dango Fighter. At the very least the amount I could dashdance in the training room jumped up significantly when it triggered, even when I had Cons 5. I guess I'd personally like to call these groups "Permanent" and "Temporary", as Fighter/Constitution don't run out while the others (including Latent Power) do wear out over time.

Point 3: Return per skillpoint

The funniest thing about all of this is how Latent Power scales. You get 30% stamina cost reduction from the first freaking level. It goes to 50% at 3 levels. The thing which scales more linearly over levels is how much affinity it gives, being 10% extra per level when it's active.

With this, Latent Power 1 suddenly looks very interesting. It unfortunately doesn't seem to have a deco, but if you can somehow eke out just one level of it (with e.g. Zinogre Chest or a talisman), you get 30% stamina cost reduction, which still stacks (multiplicatively) with the 50% from Cons/Fighter, and which can actually be up for decent amount of time depending on circumstances. One more interesting option to keep in mind when building for Bow.

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