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Thoughts on a potential Monster Hunter Switch Game.

For some context, this is in response to the Capcom Investors meeting from March saying they intend to hit 28 million sales by the end of their fiscal year (March 31st, 2021).

And considering that RE8 was just given a "2021" release date, I have doubts it will fit in the fiscal year for Capcom, so it likely will be another game from one of their major franchises is leading the charge on that 28 million figure.

And one platform that has had many rumors and statements of a game in development for, is Monster Hunter for the Switch.

I do say this is likely as the Switch has a massive install base, and especially in Japan, for future sales (Which is what Capcom rightfully so, should/would've thought when developing it), where people are on trains and transit often, thus making the Switch a major platform to get a new unique game onto.

As for how I think a Switch Exclusive/Intended MH Game would look like

  • Artistically
    • It would be a cross between MH Stories/Rider's Artstyle and MH: World's, this is in order to help give it its own identity and also to help it run better on the switch as the simpler textures for characters/creatures this style entails would help with memory.
      • I personally don't mind anime-styled games like Code Vein.etc, and seeing MHW's Character creator advanced upon in an anime-esque style would be nice to see. And a more Anime-styled aesthetic would help aspects in the gameplay section fit better.
  • Gameplay
    • It would use World as a baseline, all the QoL, fluidity, and combat changes included.
    • It would then incorporate aspects of MHGen/X's hunting styles/arts, albeit adjusted/streamlined in order to better fit for MHW's gameplay base.
      • This is in order to give it a gameplay identity vs MHW, as in all likelihood, until a model of Switch comes out to be at the level of Next-Gen consoles, future MHW Successors would likely not make their way to the Switch.
    • It would have single no-loading screen maps, although there would be smaller in overall size vs world, with the trade-off being more maps total
      • If an Average MHW Map is 1.5-2x the size of a whole Classic MH Map, this would be around 1.1-1.5 times as big per map.
    • Full Transmog out of the gate (They have the evolved layered armor from Iceborne, and the Transmog from GenU/XX to work off of, there's no excuse)
  • Story
    • I say it should lean heavier on the Story-Angle, and be more akin to full-on RPG, with MH's Combat,
      • This is my personal idea, and a story structure/style akin to MHW could work as well, just the details/scale of the story would need to be adjusted to make it unique enough to spawn a subseries off of,
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