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Thoughts on the Rise demo

Content of the article: "Thoughts on the Rise demo"

I tend to have a mixed view of what this series could be. Will it ever be ideal to me? No, if so we’d get rid of a majority of the QoL changes, make stun fuck off, and finally make the Gaia Dragon concept a reality, but obviously none of those will ever happen, so my expectations shouldn’t be astronomically high.

That being said I enjoy each game for what it is, and Rise has had me quite excited to play it for a long while. I had a few gripes, but they did little to deter from all the interesting new concepts and monsters. So I took note of what I could while playing the Rise demo, and I think I can give some of my thoughts, as someone that’s essentially only played GU.

  1. The Palamutes. I was iffy on these at first but I really like them here. The fast travel they provide can be a godsend really. Capcom making the decision to make monsters move super quickly off-map kinda subdued that, but oh well.

  2. The Wirebug. I’m not liking the controls much for it really. I’m sure it’s really something I’ll have to learn, but the silkbind moves can be really neat. Clearly this was just one of a few ways Capcom emphasized aerial gameplay (looking at you rocket gunlance). Which brings me to my next point.

  3. The IG. Capcom what the fuck is this. What did you do to this weapon. It recieved next to nothing new, the silkbinds are absolute garbage, and even the whole thing of IG staying in the air infinitely is moot. The aerial attacks do shit for damage and the midair hitboxes are still stupidly janky discouraging that playstyle even more. What the fuck is the point? Are the buffing silkbinds just supposed to be a shittier discount HH? Why would you ever want to use this sorry excuse of a semen-collecting staff? Is Capcom afraid of recreating 4U IG? What a massive fucking disappointment. I’m playing through with SA on this one.

  4. Wyvern riding. You can see they put their efforts into the interactions with other monsters regarding our new mounting. The idea of elemental blights on monsters is genius; making waterblight the new tenderizing is a smartass move to prioritize its use on monsters such as Basarios, and the other elemental blights are neat too. Bitch we’re in Stories now; we wrangle the shit out of that monster to have it beat the shit out of the other. Even with no other monster in the area, it LOOKS like lazy design until you realize you can immediately wallbang it and combo that bitch. On top of that the controls are actually great; I got the hang of them almost immediately. Capcom impressed me with wyvern riding; it’s a much more enjoyable mechanic than the wirebug to me.

  5. Etcetera Remember that one data leak about swappable movesets? This could be massive. Imagine getting the monstrosity that is, say, the original Lance back, or maybe 4U IG? It opens up so many new possibilities, and a fantastic move on the devs’ part. The monsters themselves? Great. They’re all incredible. Except Mizutsune’s retarded hitboxes, but other than that even it’s a great hunt, and I fucking HATED Mizu in GU. I had a blast Switch Axing my way through every monster. And the idea to give axe form more mobility so there’s an actual point in using it? Amazing. (that might’ve been a World addition so correct me if I’m wrong) Shrine Ruins is a great map; it’s really flat and the verticality rarely comes into play in combat and when it does, it tends to be to your advantage. It gives me hope for the rest of our maps as well.

Final thoughts? I enjoyed it. Could it be better? Easily. I’m still not used to the wirebug and Mizutsune’s hitboxes are DUMB (I cannot emphasize this enough) but I’m loving the other additions as well. I really think this is a good direction for the series, so I’d be interested in hearing everyone else’s thoughts on it.


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