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Trying to Mathematically Approximate Switch Axe DPS

Hello! I made this post a while back where I tried to write a script to iteratively determine the best build for switch axe and after getting back into the game a few weeks ago, I decided to update the script to support power prolonger and use DPS instead of combo damage to determine the "best build". I also restricted the skill pool to actual "buildable" builds by searching through a (small) list of armor sets to figure out which armor was the best.

I made an approximation for amped uptimes that looked like this:

% Amped Uptime for SA PhialsDragon/Poison (15 s)Element/Exhaust (21 s)Paralysis (30 s)Power (45 s)
PP 0 (45 s)75%68.18%60%50%
PP 1 (60 s)80%74%66.67%57.14%
PP 2 (72 s)82.76%77.42%70.59%61.54%
PP 3 (90 s)85.71%81.08%75%66.67%

I derived this very "scientific" approach by estimating about how much time it took me to charge a dragon phial (15 s) and scaled that based on the phial chart below.


Turns out, this wasn't too bad of an approximation according to this fantastic post.

From there, I applied Fox Invictus's dps methods, finding the unamped and amped dps for hitting a monster's "legs" (40/15 hzv) and unamped and amped dps for hitting a monster's "head" (60/20 hzv). When unamped, I used the Heavensward Flurry combo and when amped, I used the Morph (ZR+ZR+A) Combo Then I applied my % amped uptime chart and assumed I hit the head and legs at a 50/50 split. The results can be found by checking this google sheet. The results are pretty expected and I highlighted the builds I thought were the best, but it's nice to know that these builds are as "optimal" as I can feasibly calculate. I programmed in skills like anti-aquatic, but since I wasn't personally interested in the results I didn't include them. If enough are interested, I'll add them in.

I tried to factor in sharpness by saying that 10 hits needed 3 Protective Polish, 20 needs 2, 30 needs 1 and 40+ needs 0. Not sure if that's a good estimate or wishful thinking. It'd be cool to solve that with math too (something like a sharpness uptime), but because you don't have to "charge" sharpness and can always just take a quick break to sharpen, I'm not sure how solvable the problem is. If anyone has a methodology for that let me know. I also required every build to run one level of evade extender, because it's a super nice QoL skill to have and is on jyura armor and jyura armor is nuts. The sharpness skills and evade extender aren't listed under the 'decos' column on the google sheet, but if the build needs it, the deco slots will be there.

Here's my git repo with my code I used for this project:

TL;DR: this google sheet has some builds that I used a program to iteratively find the best build for each weapon.


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