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Turns lobbies are exhausting

Content of the article: "Turns lobbies are exhausting"

Let me preface this by saying this isnt really a rage post, I tend not to rage at games, but this also doesnt really fit on the main sub so idk lol.

So for a wee bit of backstory, I've made the full soulseer amour set, and beaten all the soulseer quests including the EX quest, and am now in the process of getting it all fully upgraded for that sweet challanger +2. But I need specifically Soulseer ticket IVs from the quest that also has silverwind nargacuga.

Normally, I'd just solo it and get the tickets myself, but I despise silverwind, so I decided to grab some randoms just to make it go faster. But unfortunately that means I have to use a turns lobby.

What's wrong with turns lobbies? Well, for starters, the name is a lie. No one actually does other people's quests, they just immediately leave after their quest is done. And more often than not, one person leaving will make the other two be like "well, I guess this lobby is dead" and leave as well.

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And sometimes, they manage to lure you into a false sense of security. You'll be all hunting together, thinking the group is all cool and good, but the moment it gets to your turn, everyone just randomly decides to leave. This happened to me about 10 times over the past few days. 10 fucking times. It wasnt even after I had posted the quest, so they cant have even left cause it was a bad quest. Am I doing something wrong? Why is this like a consistant thing? I try to be extra careful to not upset anyone or not cart, and if I do cart, I apologize. Why is it always specifically my turn people decide to leave on?

And the handful of times I even got to try my quest, someone would triple cart or cart once and rage quit and then the whole lobby would leave.

4 days I've been trying to get these tickets.

4 fucking days.

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It would have actually been quicker just to solo it.

I dont understand what I'm doing wrong online, cause theres no way this is just a chance thing right?

Also, not really relevant to my point but shoutouts to people who join turns lobbies, post their own quest, even if another one is already on standby, and then spam "do my quest plz" in the chat until they get kicked. Thanks for wasting everyone's time mate.

Tldr: I'm glad rise was confirmed to have solo scaling for hub quests lmao.


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