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Unpopular Opinion: Alatreon’s dps check is an excellent mechanic and Alatreon is a great fight.

Content of the article: "Unpopular Opinion: Alatreon’s dps check is an excellent mechanic and Alatreon is a great fight."

Before you smash that downvote button hear me out on this one atleast.

I think Alatreon's dps check is an excellent mechanic. I don't think it's gimmicky or poor design.

Throughout MHW I've always heard a lot of community members complaining that the game is too easy. That the game doesn't reward strategy or skill as much as it used to.

Alatreon's dps check is the answer to that.

I've only beaten Alatreon a handful of times but this is what I've learned:

  1. This is a monster that heavily pushes the idea that putting a monster down as quickly as possible directly benefits your team, in that, the longer it takes the higher chance of losing. And this has to do with the way the hunt works. From my understanding the longer you take the higher the threshold gets (if I'm wrong please correct me), his AI seems to get more aggressive and he deals more damage/combos harder.

  2. This mechanic requires a hunter or a group of hunters to strategize. Its not enough to just bonk it constantly. You have to actually create a build that can hit this check which pushes players to get out of their comfort zones and use tactics they never thought of before. As far as strategy goes this is a good example of a monster that actually requires thought and consideration. The horns have a realitively low breaking point (as opposed to older games where they where the hardest part to break). This is done on purpose to make things more manageable but balanced out by its constant head flailing and it being rather high up. You have to take opportune times to knock him to the ground for a huge knock down window. All this together creates a monster that rewards players for having knowledge of the monster they're fighting.

  3. It requires players to increase their skill levels. Alatreon rewards players heavily for playing aggressively. His moves have huge tells and are heavily predictable. It comes down to the player to have the skills and judgement to overcome these moves. And most of them come with rather long cooldown windows. Playing comfy and safe is punished because the check and really this monster in general requires players to come out of their comfort zone and play more efficiently.

  4. The dps check itself is a none issue if the above requirements are met. But it punishes hunters and groups of hunters for being too passive or being unprepared. This goes along with the ideology of MH that if you can't beat the monster one way you can try another and this in turn brings up a players skill level and confidence without relying on safety nets.

  5. Ain't even going to lie Alatreon in the previous games was much much harder even without a dps check, but to be fair without it he would be a cake walk. But that doesn't make this poor design, rather they retained a lot of the tradition of MH but also pushed it a step further with the above mentioned.

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And before this inevitably comes up, no I don't have a problem with comfy builds, but Alatreon is probably one if the only truely skill based monsters in this game, as in skill is the most important aspect. You can't just wack it over and over again. You have to counter, predict and weave. Punish his downtime and make openings.

But anyway feel free to disagree if you want, I just wanted to give my take on it.


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