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Unpopular opinion/Rant time!

Content of the article: "Unpopular opinion/Rant time!"

So, we were all subject to to amount of salty posts and complaints about when Alatreon was first dropped right? The divide between the community, some points being made for, some against. Funny thing was though, the moment people started to listen about putting down their raw and blast builds for one hunt all of those salty posts seemed to stop, like dead stop.

And now with the announcement of Fatalis being added I'd say it's a safe bet assuming that he won't be a push over either, those same raw and blast builds aren't going to work on him and we're going to have to go back to the drawing board, do a little grinding and come back with something fresh. And I, like a good majority of other players am completely fine with that!

So now, here comes the unpopular opinion part; if you were one of the people screaming that Alatreon needed a nerfing into the ground, if you left a negative review about the game because of Alatreon or if you were one of the few who attempted to boycott Capcom over the hunt and are STILL refusing to put down your easy mode cake walk build for one hunt then you do not deserve to be in World's endgame.

Throw all the hate at me you want, downvote this, do whatever you need to do but it's just a personal opinion of mine. Out of every game in the franchise World is by far the easiest game of them all and World's variant of Alatreon is a complete and total cakewalk compared to the previous games. Back in those days you didn't have one build for everything, you had multiple builds for different hunts, you spent time crafting it and putting in extra time making sure it was even ready before you went off on a hunt, it's something I find quite funny actually. So many people say they want World to be more like the older games but the moment we get a little taste and a little challenge a good ninety percent of the fandom flip the switch and call it a gimmick fight.

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I'm not a seer or anything, who knows maybe Fatalis will be weak to blast and raw, maybe it'll require people running different elements, we just won't know until we finally get to face off against the big bastard. But until then I'm just saying, as with Alatreon and as might be with Fatalis if you're not willing to put in the work and change up your strategy for just one hunt then you really don't deserve the rewards.

Unpopular opinion/Rant over.


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