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Venting early RISE frustrations

So, I've been playing rise for a lot, like I am sure all you have been and, like I am sure many people browsing this sub, I have some major grievances that have just been nagging on me and have been inhibiting my enjoyment of the game. At this point, I just want to talk about them openly, honestly and angrily. I want to like this game, there is so much to like here and I know I've had my enjoyment with it, but going into higher rank I have to let out some frustrations or I'll just explode and damage either my switch or whatever is next to it.

I will start with my biggest one, rampages.

I won't pull any punches, they are fucking horrible. I play monster hunter to go into a monsters lair, stare it down, ram my sword/hammer/axe/glaive down its throat, murder it brutally while asserting dominance and then carving its skin so I can make a weapon out of it to kill the rest of its kind while farming for the armor. While I understand that this is subjective, I feel that the mon hun combat system was built from ground up to do that. Solid, 1v1 encounters (sometimes 2v1 can work as well but its rare) and for the most part this is supported as such (we'll get to the exception to the "most" later).

Rampages are hectic, you are encouraged to use balistas, cannons, wyvernfire and god knows what other weapon I quite simply do not enjoy using. If I wanted to play a tower defense shooter game I would just go and search for an actual one instead of this nonsense. Not only do you get to deal with 3, 4, 5 sometimes up to 6 monsters on the screen, each with their traditionally BS movesets, you have to content with them while also prioritizing the charger types (whose attacks still clip you even tho they aim for the gate) and somehow this is meant to be enjoyable.

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You would think it would be more managable in multiplayer, but due to limited installations, I just end up arguing with people as to where to place what, and trying to edit your stronghold on the fly with 4 other people also doing whatever the fuck they want is just frustrating. And solo play in these missions is just CBT. Half the time Im getting ragdolled by 4-5 other monsters just trying to land some puny hits on the big chargers. And using the weapons just feels so unsatisfying, not to mention having the crag shot be tied to a headshot is just frustrating, considering most monsters have their heads be equivalent to an inflatable tube man.

The next one is just monsters themselves. I felt Iceborne got pretty shitty for melee users (especially GS) at the end, with a lot of endgame monsters being on crack and having phantom hitboxes that cover everything from America to China. But even there, I thought if I played patiently enough and wasn't too big of a pepeja I could play safely and still avoid a lot of damage or shoulder tackle through it.

In rise, however, I've been getting clapped from left right and everywhere in between to damage that I just don't feel is my fault. While I haven't been really carting, what I have been is feeling immensely frustrated. Whether its Zinogre doing a 30ft 1f startup leap to clap me while Im just trying to heal from something else, Almudron deciding to just exist (I hate Almudron, I don't even know where to start complaining for him cause I have no idea what his moveset even is), Mizutsune deciding to just slide right next to me for like a minute straight while I'm trying to run away from it and then doing a spin, the amount of times I've screamed "bullshit" or "there was nothing I could have done there" is just depressing.

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And I honestly don't know how much I enjoy the game anymore. So many monster moves feel like the speed dial was turned to eleven and the hitboxes expanded to narnia. Trying to do air stuff with IG? tough luck, somehow *insert any monster with forward charging move* has a hitbox up in space so you're fucked.

Going into high rank, I honestly feel like I'm fighting Mini-Fatalises (from world) and that is NOT a good thing.

So many times I would locate a monsters recovery period, retaliate with GS (just a 0 charge draw slash) and try to get away either with roll or wirebug, and the monster would just recover quicker then I could ever hope to.

Maybe I need to play more, or get a different mindset for playing, but so far low rank was enjoyable for me, early high rank was as well, but as soon as 4 and 5 star started for high rank, I just felt so defeated and demotivated. Nothing is worse then genuinely feeling like the damage you're receiving is not your fault. And I haven't been carting too many times either (maybe 4-5 carts in all 4 and 5 star quests) but just taking damage when you feel like you didn't deserve it or didn't get a chance to react is depressing.

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Thank you for anyone who has read this, for anyone that doesn't want to, tl;dr rampages don't fit with monhun and feel horrible, monsters feel unfair to fight in higher ranks.


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