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We are likely to get 3-4 level 5 shelling GLs the next update

This is a prediction, but here's my logic so hear me out:

Since Capcom will most likely complete the story with the next update, all the weapons currently in the weapon tree will most likely reach their final upgrade by then.

Now, here's trick: whenever a weapon reaches its final upgrade, the upgrade will almost always require the rarest material from the associated monster.

For example:

Final Rathalos weapons require 1 Rathalos Ruby.

Final Nargacuga weapons require 1 Narga Medulla.

Final Tigrex weapons require 1 Tigrex Maw.


So that brings us the question: which GLs in the tree currently do NOT require the rarest material from the associated monster?

Currently there are 4:

Rajang GL currently does not require a Rajang Tail or a Beast Gem.

Thunder Serpent GL currently does not require its Orb.

Kushala GL currently does not require its Gem.

Chameleos GL currently does not require its Gem.

Now let's take a more detailed look at them:

Rajang GL has ALWAYS had the highest shelling level in every MH game all the way back to MHFU (Even though in FU it was called the Hard Bone Canon, but it was the same deign, and it was one of the original three level 5 shelling GLs, the other two being Cornpopper and Ukanlos:
And since they brought back the Cornpopper from MHFU and kept its shelling level, I am almost certain the Rajang GL will get another upgrade to be level 5 shelling.

Thunder Serpent is a new monster so it's really difficult to predict its weapon stats, but here is my analysis:
Currently this GL has 180 attack, 35 thunder, and level 4 shelling.
So what will the next upgrade be? Well, if you look at all the GL columns, it would seem that every GL gets about 10 more attack and 2 more element if you move one column to the right (see Rath and Mizu GLs for example).
Since there isn't an upgrade to this weapon in the current update, that would mean this weapon is most likely going to move 2 columns to the right in the next update.
Using the pattern observed before, that would mean this weapon will have at least 200 attack, 39 thunder, and level 4 shelling.
So why do I think this GL will probably get level 5 shelling? Well, that is because as a final boss weapon, those stats are just extremely lacking.
The current best Thunder GL is Zinogre with 210 attack, 32 thunder, blue sharpness, and level 4 shelling, and it even has the same shelling type as the final boss one.
So if this weapon wants to stay ahead of Zinogre, it is going to get a huge attack/element upgrade that breaks the general trend or it's going to get level 5 shelling to compensate.
Of course this is all wishful thinking, Capcom could just screw us just like they did in almost every other game.

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Kushala GL is already level 5, but its attack and sharpness is kinda lacking. So I predict it will get an attack and sharpness upgrade the next update.
Also, if we look at the Kushala GL from World, it goes from Icesteel GL to Daora's Brigia to Daora's Tempest. Those are two additional upgrades from the Icesteel GL, which is what we have.
Regardless of how many upgrades it gets this time, it will most likely be better than Howlitzer.

Now, the most uncertain GL is the Chameleos one. Here's why:
Chameleos GL appeared in FU, 4U and GU before. And it usually goes from Venomous Cologne to Venomous Attar to Venomous Perfume. In FU and GU it received a final level 4 shelling, and in 4U it received a level 5 shelling.
However, here's the catch: in FU and GU, the weapon started with level 2 shelling on the Venomous Cologne and each upgrade increased the shelling level by 1.
The Venomous Cologne we have in Rise is level 3. So if they are going with the Cologne – Attar – Perfume route like before, this GL can become level 5.
But of course, the more likely scenario will be Capcom screwing us over and giving up a level 4 with no exploit skills just like right now.

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There is another GL worth considering, and that is the Rampage GL. I can't go off any old stats because Rampage weapons are completely new, but I feel like if they want people to play the Rampages, then they will make the Rampage weapons able to compete for meta sets. Which is why I think this GL has more chance of getting level 5 shelling than some of the other options.

Also, if they decide to make another final boss for the end of the story, then there is also a possibility that we get a completely new weapon.

So yeah, that's my prediction.

Rajang and Rampage GL will most likely upgrade to level 5 shelling.
Kushala GL will most likely dethrone Howlitzer.
Thunder Serpent GL will either become level 5 or a specialized anti-aerial thunder level 4 (For bullying Bagel).
Chameleos has a very slight chance of becoming level 5 if they decide to give us more updates in the future.


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