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We lack damage

The title basically says it.

It feels like Gen/GU all over again. We have a very fun version of the weapon, but its motion values at endgame are simply too low.

Recently, ZE Chen (byakuya) and Ryo have just posted their slaplance run of the final boss (SPOILERS below):

So I decided to gather some opinions of long-time GL mains and speedrunners:

Let's start with ZE Chen's view on the weapon from the above Youtube video. From his comments in that final boss video, he talked about that he tried to solo completely with the weapon first, but the dps was so low that running around and waiting for the ballistas to pop up is faster than just use the GL to output damage to the target.

In addition, he mentions that comparing to other weapons, the GL dps is so low that he doesn't really want to run with this weapon at this stage. In his own words, "if you are not really in love with this weapon, most other weapons will feel more satisfying at the moment (due to the dps output)."

Now let's move on to YAMA, who has been really vocal about GL damage being too low recently:

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In GU, GL was on average second-to-last on the speedrunning list when the last was hunting horn (excluding prowlder). Now that HH has been buffed, YAMA talked about how the positions between the two last places might have just been switched. If you read his conversation with KENK (kenk03061) on that tweet, they talked about how they think the developers this time put out a most comfortable version of the weapon so they butchered the motion values as a price.

(By the way, KENK is an enthusiast who likes to dig up data about GL like this one below, where he compared the rate of increase of GL shelling damage based on artillery for the past games and now:

In short, they seemed to think that GL is pretty doomed on the speedrunning tier list as of right now because of the low damage output comparing to other weapons.

Also, I'm not sure if this is a joke or not, but YAMA just tweeted that KENK's relative is sending a proper request to CAPCOM about this issue:

Gunlance Jr. straight up said the MV of raw hits need to be increased, and ZE Chen replied with how the artillery level or damage also needs to be increased:
If you go down this conversation, ZE Chen also talked about how he really wants the 1.2x damage modifier to shells in MHW HR to come back.

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FUNA, like YAMA earlier, said the GL might be the new HH (in terms of speedrunning damage output), and either the shell damage for each level needs to be increased, or the upper shelling level needs to be increased:

That more or less summarizes how the Asian GL community (speedrunning mostly) is feeling right now.
I just thought it would be great to let you all know what they are thinking because I think majority of you probably don't speak Japanese or Chinese.

In the end, I'd like to quote Nohonola:
"The motion value for GL was raised.
I had a dream.
It was the end of the year.
Ah, good morning."

I still love GL and I will continue to main it, but I really hope something drastic can be done about its numbers some day.


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