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Weapon/tactic recommendations for AT Kulve solo P1 A4?

Content of the article: "Weapon/tactic recommendations for AT Kulve solo P1 A4?"

Hey all,

With all the standard content of the game conquered, I've set myself a challenge of doing a solo P1 of ATKT. I'm no speedrunner but I'm a fairly solid hunter, and I've gotten A1-3 pretty much nailed (getting fury trigger, getting horn plating break and chip, entering A4 immediately with set equipped) but I'm having a tough time getting enough horn DPS in A4 to sneak under the timer. I can pretty reliably hit it at P3, and I think I've succeeded at P2 before, but P1 escapes me. I know it's possible (some mad lad did it with HR gear??) but as I said, I'm not a speedrunner.

I've been making my attempts with hammer, as it's my main, and I think I might be able to pull it off with generous abuse of the small part of the A4 entry slope that still counts as being part of the arena, but I'm also looking for alternative tactics to experiment with. There are two big problems in this fight; damage uptime, and raw DPS.

KT's head is a tricky target to hit due to its height, short damage windows, and high mobility, so most weapons can't do any kind of reasonable DPS without a CC opportunity, of which there are very few; I can get one mount, one paralysis with knives, and a single stun using impact mantle. But that's not a lot of time to do damage in.

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My spitballed thoughts on strategies:

  • Mantled Switch Axe ZSD Spam? solves the damage uptime problem but overall DPS isn't great. Also, running Temporal and Rocksteady means I can't run Impact, so I'd have to make a tradeoff there.
  • Kjarr Ice Savage Axe? incredible damage output during downs, possibly highest option due to huge ice HZ on horns, and axe mode has enough reach for headshots even without downs, though mobility and openings are likely to be tricky. She might have some openings long enough to get an SAED to head; sweeping breath, or if I can perfectly predict her head-smash-charge end position.
  • Perfect Rush?
  • Lance?

If any of you have thoughts or experience doing this, I'd really appreciate it!


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