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Welp, the world decided I was having too much fun, and deleted my save data from existence

I woke up today, to see that Xbox had deleted everything, I looked for a solution, and I haven't found anything to help me at all. I lost over 900 hours of gameplay. It's all gone. Restarted game, tried reinstalling it, nothing. I can't fucking believe this. 2 years invested into this game, and apparently it's just gone. Apparently Cloud isn't being helpful either so I can't even recover it. I'm done, I refuse to sink another 900 hours into this fucking game. The game I'd been playing and enjoying the most, and the world decided that I'm not allowed to enjoy having fun anymore. I'm fucking done with Monster Hunter. Thanks! I love having everything I worked for deleted in an instant! THANKS SO FUCKING MUCH! THANKS FOR DELETING ALL THE HOURS I INVESTED, ALL THE MONSTERS I KILLED, ALL THE HOURS SPENT GRINDING ARMOR, WEAPONS, MONSTERS, DECOS. THANKS FOR THROWING IT ALL AWAY FOR NO FUCKING REASON OTHER THAN THE WORLD NEEDED SOMEONE TO SCREW OVER AND I HAPPENED TO BE THE UNLUCKY ONE! OVER 100 ALATREON'S DEAD, 81 FATTY'S! ALL MY GEAR, WEAPONS, TIME, ALL THROWN AWAY! I THOUGHT I WAS DREAMING. THE WORLD HATES ME! FIRST I GET MY DISCORD ACCOUNT HACKED, Then FAMILY DRAMA AND SHIT, NOW THIS? WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS? THIS ISN'T EVEN THE FIRST TIME I'VE HAD GAMES DELETE MY HUNDREDS OF INVESTED HOURS INTO GAMES I ENJOY!

Guess this'll be the last post I ever make regarding Monster Hunter. So.many friends I offered to help with and have fun with. Like real life was already going downhill, now the one thing I use to keep myself in a slightly better mood has decided that I'm not allowed to any part of life now. MR 500 and HR 700. I was getting into Hunting Horn, improving my runs on Endgame Bosses, crafting new builds and experimenting. MHW was the game I always went back to when I didn't know what to do. Help some people out on endgame bosses, do some sieges, grind event quests, so much to do, and a game that respected my time and rewarded me accordingly. A game I could easily say I was the best at comparably to my other games. I literally have no games to come back to besides fucking Destiny 2 which I quit because it's a boring cliche'd mess of shit I refuse to come back to. Halo Infinite's a total disaster in it's own right regarding the BP. A game with a real skill gap, that gave 0 fucks about whether you had the best gear or not. Full Fatty gear and AT Velk could kick your shit in if you were bad. A game that actually put into question your skill and not whether you just got carried to get the best gear in the game. I considered myself a good enough player, solo'd every endgame boss with some issue, was planning on improving my time on AT Velk today actually. Was hoping to help a couple friends with Fatalis even, but nope! Now I can't do any of those things! I can't do anything! I'm expected to start over from the very beginning as if I'd never played the game to begin with! All I have left are the things i spent money on to mock me. The world just wants me to suffer, and this only added to the list of shitty things happening in my life


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