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What is your favourite “last-gen/classic” Monster Hunter? And what are some of your honest thoughts about them?

Content of the article: "What is your favourite “last-gen/classic” Monster Hunter? And what are some of your honest thoughts about them?"

I started with Monster Hunter: World and fell in love with it as a result. And so I figured that trying out the older titles would be a good idea since I have the means to do so! Unfortunately, my experiences so far have been a mixed bag. I understand that World introduced a lot of QoL changes that are hard to ignore nowadays, but I was willing to keep an open mind about it. Here are some of my thoughts about them:

  • I started with Monster Hunter Freedomthe PSP version–and it was honestly rather terrible. Clunky combat (more so than the usual), weird difficulty spikes, lacklustre movement and unfair hitboxes. After spending about 5 hours into this game, I just couldn't take it anymore.
  • I jumped ahead and picked up Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, which is considered one of the best ports of the second game by the fans. It was… fine. I still encountered many of the issues present in the first game, and I still don't like how the weapons feel. I ended up rolling with a Gunlance due to the fact it had a shield and ranged attacks. I stopped at Tigrex.
  • I skipped the third entry because it was more of a hassle to get and so I gave Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate a shot. The game looks really fun and it's definitely a step up in comparison to the rest, but the awkward camera controls kind of jinxed it for me. It was the same with Generations, plus the choppy framerate didn't help. Dunno if it's any better on the Switch.
  • I eventually gave in and got Monster Hunter Portable 3rd with an english patch for the PSP. And surprisingly enough, it's my favourite so far. I don't know why. Maybe it's the whole eastern theme of it, and the fact that the Switchaxe is such a fun weapon to use (with aoe hits and proper dodging). My only issue with this title is that it drains my handheld's battery life quite fast, so I was hoping to emulate it on PC instead since there's HD patches for it.
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It's not that I'm looking to rant, but those are my honest thoughts. I'd love to hear about yours!

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