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Why in the hell would I play any other weapon than bow?

Bow is so ludicrously overpowered in this game that picking anything else up feels like a downgrade even if it's more fun. I dabbled with it in worldborne and decided to pick it up again to farm the final boss for charms since gunlancing it was a pain in the ass. Little did I know I was picking up a weapon of mass destruction that would ruin the game for me.

I now have a bow build for every element and I can easily kill every monster in under ten minutes without coatings.

Why would I try rage slash greatsword that can do 700+ damage in really specific circumstances while taking chip damage when I could just use Aerial Aim and do 800 damage without even trying?

Why use full burst gunlance that does 450-500 damage in a long, unsafe combo when I could do the same amount of damage in 2 or 3 shots in half the time?

Why play bowgun when I don't have to worry about ammo or reloading, can use the same armor set for every build, have more mobility, and just use one item set? And do more damage, of course.

Why use my main since tri, swax, that I love for the aggression and constant DPS, when bow is just a safer alternative that cranks out exponentially higher numbers?

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Why use hammer when I can KO with exhaust coatings and don't have to smell a monster's breath to deal damage?


I killed the final boss earlier in 6 minutes without even using coatings or a good charm. 6 MINUTES. I average a little over 7 with a suboptimal pierce bow build and nowhere near speedrunner tactics.

I have no motivation to play any other weapon because every time I do, I look at the timer and think "man, I would have had this quest over and done with 5 minutes ago while using less potions." All of my regular bow builds are finished with good decos and a good charm, so why even play the game?

TL;DR: who needs fun? Just pick up the mini nuke and sweep the floor with anything that breathes


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