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Why the water mechanic is an issue and how it can be reimagined and added back in.

Content of the article: "Why the water mechanic is an issue and how it can be reimagined and added back in."

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So here’s the thing that’s been somewhat consistent with new mechanics added to MH games, they usually are able to be used throughout the game. Wirebug? Use it anywhere. Clutch Claw? Well you may lose your sanity but use it anywhere. Styles? Use ‘em anywhere. There’s probably more examples from older gens but I only played the games from GenU to Iceborne.

Here’s the issue with water, water isn’t everywhere and not every monster can go into the water. Being able to have an entire mechanic surrounding swimming in water isn’t going to be a universal mechanic that can be used in all situations (that is assuming we don’t see Zinogre hilariously doggy paddling at us angrily). What happens is you have an entire gameplay mechanic that can only be used during certain times, few times actually considering most of the monsters cannot (should not be able to) swim.

BUT I think there is a way to go around this.

What if there wasn’t a swimming mechanic, but rather a mechanic that allows fully/partial 3d movement that can also be applied to water? So basically just 3d motion in air and water. Something that perhaps lets you hover and fight in the air with 3d dodging options could be interesting albeit the controls might be frustrating if done wrong, you could also have it that most underwater monsters can actually be knocked down and sink (actually plausible because every aquatic animal IRL has some way to stop themselves from sinking, be it a swim bladder or just plain old swimming constantly), when knocked down you return to somewhat standard gameplay.

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This also has the benefit of not only adding an avenue for water based monsters, but also AIR based monsters. Obviously headaches like Rathalos and Kushala can no longer be nuisances but gain new moves so it isn’t a cake walk to fight them, but new monsters could be added. I personally would love some kind of monster like the that one floating snake from Shadow of the Colossus (whose name I forgot) or some Phoenix like monster that is weakened after being knocked from the sky.

I feel like that IF water was to return, it shouldn’t be a “water mechanic” anymore and something that applies universally and allows 3 dimensional movement options anywhere.

And then maybe we can see Dire Miralis murder the fuck out of Zorah. Or maybe just adopt him and teach him how to not be lame father-son style.

Update: Should have added this before but this kinda tool should have some kinda stamina gauge to stop players from abusing it on ground locked monsters.


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