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Why with SCIENCE!! Fatalis is the strongest monster in the entire series

Content of the article: "Why with SCIENCE!! Fatalis is the strongest monster in the entire series"

Now the reason I believe fatalis truly is the strongest monster in the series is because of his Crimson and Old Form. Now in the mainline games, Crimson Fatalis is one of the only monsters that can summon meteors and pull them from orbit. Monsters like dalamadur, valstrax and etc don’t use actual meteors and are just their flaming scales resembling one. Our champion Fatalis has this abnormal power to pull legitimate meteors to his position, this can probably be linked with why Old Fatalis is a lightning/Dragon Elemental Monster. With electromagnetic control Crimson Fatalis can pull assumed metal meteors out from space at will. Now the meteors look small, like about 2-2.47301 meters in diamater. With how crimson fatalis does a special gesture to summon these said meteors, they appear directly after and appear in frame after about 3 seconds when it’s completed, so to low ball it we’ll assume it begins to get pulled as he begins the animation. With the whole gesture in count and the moment the meteors appear in frame, These meteors are moving at about 27867.90 Mph or about 44880 Kph. This is assuming where we fight crimson is at the perfect sea level to space distance of about 62 Miles or 100 kilometers. Now we know how fast the thing moves, we can also assume it’s the flaming meteors are made up of solid metals such as Iron and Nickel, It’s going to be about rounded to 7.9 g/cm3. With the factors of it moving at about 27870 Mph, with a diameter of 2 meters and its mostly iron composition as meteors normally are. In easier to understand terms it will have the tnt equivalent of 7900 megatons of tnt. Which is the equivalent to 158 Tsar Bombas. A Single meteor from Crimson fatalis would leave a devastating crater of 4200 meters wide and 1060 meters deep. This manz crimson fatalis can slay every single monster in the series including every non canon and spin off monsters in a single meteor let alone the factor he drops 4 per gesture. He can kill 9 and a half dalamadurs, quadruple that if we include the other 3 meteors. Luckily in game Crimson’s Meteors are about as dangerous as great jagras’s body slam with its tiny hitbox. Now it’s 7am so I am not going into old fatalis’s ludicrous eclipse feat which is actually explainable in lore of the monster.

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If I messed up any calcs, please tell me I am exhausted and the extra nonsense such as the spread and such is toomuch to type atm.


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