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Not as horrible as the clutch claw but combined with the seeming nerf to both dodging and sprinting… Yeesh…

So, this is praised by Rise to be the ultimate defensive and offensive tool. You can dodge over sweeping attacks and have 3 dimensional movement along with executing crazy OP attacks! Cool right!

Well… Not really. On the defensive side the wirebug’s evasion abilities are bad… Really bad… First, the wirebug has this nasty little animation where your character is frozen still when launching it out, meaning you have to use this as a predictive defense, now that’s not bad but it is when you consider that even when using the “vertical” wirebug maneuver, your character moves forward a good bit. Now take Mizutsune’s water beam, probably the most annoying attack in the demo, if you want to dodge it, your best chance is to LOOK AWAY from the incoming beam and vertical wirebug away, that’s right, AWAY, otherwise you move forward and the beam clips your shin and hits you. The worst part is, outside of certain wirebug attacks, you have to be sheathed to use the wirebug’s evasion capabilities.

Now the offensive capabilities… They are rough… First, while the new mount mechanic is pretty cool, it is quite long to initiate and cannot be done too often because similar to the old mount, the monster builds a hefty resistance. Also, the only offensive move you can do on the monster itself is the launch attack which is ok I guess. Next, out of the 3 weapons I played (Bow, CB, GS) only 1 wirebug attack is useful, and that is the evasion attacks that reposition you, the actual offensive attacks suffer way too long of a windup, low accuracy and poor damage for the windup (the long ass windup of the GS lunge attack only grants 44 damage to the body, pretty much the only target you are hitting with any accuracy, meanwhile in that same time I could have charged slashed the head for over 100 and followed through with 600 on a true charged slash).

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It’s a neat mechanic I guess but honestly if it stays the way it is, I think I will not use the wirebug outside of recovering post knockdown or gap closing. WHAT I AM AFRAID OF HOWEVER is the possibility of monsters that will require heavy usage of the wirebug, like how the bloated health of MR in Iceborne demanded the clutch claw for tanky monsters like Namielle or getting Shara’s head break.


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