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Yet another “I beat Alatreon” post

Content of the article: "Yet another “I beat Alatreon” post"

Literally just skip this if you dont wanna read my story

I remember the high hype I had for the monster and grinding so unbelievably hard the week before its release. I crafted the entire safi beta set in 3 days and readied myself with the revalent elascura .

The day of its release I didn't feel prepped enough to fight it and instead watch streams and videos of the first hand experiences of the battle. People were getting destroyed. I observed the first wave of people saying the fight sucked, and then learn its moves before finally achieving victory.

I noticed the recommended build was kjarr+ safi and attempted kulve in hopes for a kjarr weapon because RNGesus hates me. 5 hours done 3 times on 3 days and no kjarr LS of any sort. I kept my head up and crafted the Hoarcry stealer SNS, which took way too darn long because RNGesus hates me, and tried Alatreon only to fail miserably. I built the Beo DBs with a health augmentation and an element augmentation, got 2 horn breaks, failed still. I continued reading for strategies and I found one redditor that said, "Everyone will tell you what's best, but it's your main weapon that will win you this battle."

I hate the LS, I can't block with it and the punishes for failure are severe. But its my best weapon

I crafted the LS version of the hoarcry stealer and made a safi/velkhana build for TDVA and crit element. I tried for weeks. Failure. I tried in groups of 4, 3, 2. Always got farther solo, but still failure. I pinpointed my cause for failure for my in ability to consistently hit the head with the LS for a horn break, and EJ became my most common reason for death. I noticed I had the kjarr SA "stream" and leftover MR kulve materials. I upgraded it as much as I could and tried it with full safi. I am pretty good with SA and used it to cheese Alatreon in mhgen, but I just couldnt do it in iceborne. I was feeling hopeless. I crafted so many items. Frost charms. The entire gold rath and silver rath sets. 2 max kinsects. A kjarr insect glaive. Even the alatreon lbg but I couldnt max it due to lacking a dragonspire. I noticed my carts suddenly became only due to EJs, but I couldn't safely break a horn without missing the element check on anything.

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Then I heard about the developer diary announcing the final stand for what will be 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. I knew iceborne was a puzzle and hunting monsters in progression would solve it. Everytime you beat a big story monster they hint at another coming to turn everything upside down and even said Alatreon would not be that monster. I swore I would kill Alatreon before that diary streamed.

Fast forward to about an hour ago. Gold rathian helmet, chest, and waist with silver rath everything else. Aerial glaive 2 with Gleambug Volox . Only one health augmentation because I am poor. Cons_OA's kinsect only build but my decos were different. Ate for safeguard.

I am just in the zone. My first attempt of the day, my fourth with this build after 3 failures. I was expecting to lose. Enraged it through fire, met check, horn break, survived EJ, enraged again, met check, horn break, survived EJ, I was feeling pretty good but also worried. Only 15 minutes had passed and I was playing kinsect only. It switched to ice and I carted by its next EJ. It then switched to fire, met check again, survived EJ, ice, carted to EJ, fire , met check, survived EJ, ice, carted to EJ. This pattern continued until I had 10 minutes and 1 cart left. Cons said it only took 30 and I was about to clock out if I didnt faint first. I decide if I would fail the quest, it would be with my best gear. I quickly swapped to my lightbreak LS master's touch set and just go to town with Alatreon. It was in mid dragon when I killed it in mid air with about a minute on the clock left.

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I was so happy my head started to hurt and my hands got all tingly. I really have to thank every hunter on this sub that has given me a tip, even if I've read it before. I doubt those same people will see this. But I finished the quest in honor of you guys. I can look back on my mhgen days and say I am still worthy even though beating iceborne Alatreon is wayy better and harder than old world Alatreon. I haven't felt this much joy in completing a quest since my first MH experience, the mhtri demo on 3ds, where I killed that stupid Lagombi. May I never struggle with a fight like that again

Also RNGesus showed me mercy and granted me a single dragonspire.


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