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Yet another world vs old discussion / what would you like to see as the next mh game

Content of the article: "Yet another world vs old discussion / what would you like to see as the next mh game"

Hi there,

As a long time monster hunter player, I’ve played most of the games, and now that people are discussing the next one, I wanted to share my opinion and hear other people opinions about the big changes in the series. I know this has been debated a lot before but I kinda missed most of it and I’d like to see how people have changed after some time.

So, I want to give my old player rant about world’s changes and why I hope they won’t do a world 2 (at least a copy of the current game), and all of my points can be linked to one problem : difficulty. The games just feel too… friendly ? It was fun at first, but now I’m just getting bored and find myself playing almost exclusively GU. I don’t mind moving while drinking, I understand that it could feel unfair to some players. I understand all the new terrain mechanics, they do make the game easier by providing easier escapes and setups. I understand the new items, they add some more options, even if sometimes they can be very powerful. But why, god why did you have to put item refill in ? This just ruins the game for me, I don’t know why, but I never could get over it despite the fact that I never used it. The simple fact that I had the option and that fellow hunters in my lobby went back for more potions changed the whole feeling of the game. It removes all the stress I had, I feel as if taking damage didn’t matter, I feel like it removes a huge chunk of skill by being very forgiving for pretty much anything. I know it’s really a small feature and it really shouldn’t ruin such a masterpiece of a game, but I can’t stand it.

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Next thing I want to talk about is another minor thing that ruins the feeling of the game for me, and that’s the importance of online. I’ll only speak for myself, but I love playing monster hunter alone, no cat, no other hunters. Just me and the monster. It just makes the game more interesting to me. And that’s how I played most of world too. But I always felt like I was playing some sort of MMO when I always had these online options presented to me, SOS flare, always being in an online lobby, even if private, changed the whole « relax, solo » feeling of the game to a more competitive feeling, always reminded other people were playing the game and I’m ‘’supposed“ to play with them.

And in the same alley as the previous point, heck multiplayer only quests

Also Heck decoration RNG. Won’t go into much detail on this one, I feel like everyone agrees.

Last thing I dislike about world are the damage numbers. I love the idea of showing the damage you deal, the damage calculations were really not beginner friendly and made the game kinda complex to understand, yet if they were going for a realistic hunting game, and not show monster health bars, then I feel like damage numbers just aren’t at their place. What I’d love to see are damage numbers only in the training room, it still allows players to understand the mechanics better, but it won’t break the hunting immersion I loved so much about the old games.

To conclude my world rant I’ll say that apart from these minor issues, I really wish they keep going in this direction for future game, because it makes the games that much better but also because it drags more people into this wonderful franchise, and going back to an old style game after making such changes would make no sense considering the success it had.

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TL,DR : Basically, what I wish for the next monster hunter game is MHworld, without all the ultra forgiving mechanics that make the game feel like a less challenging mmo, almost hack and slash. And heck decoration rng.

Please feel free to discuss in the comments, I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on this


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