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Your build was garbage and you said you were “working on it”. I asked that you not suck, and you didn’t. So thank you, Seiggy.

Content of the article: "Your build was garbage and you said you were “working on it”. I asked that you not suck, and you didn’t. So thank you, Seiggy."

Needed to farm Black Fatalis earlier today in GU. Finding a room doing Turns where people wouldn't flake out though was an ordeal and a half, unfortunately. And I somehow got in a room where the host wasn't AFK but just stood around doing nothing except saying whose turn it was to post the quest.

People keep flaking out but I stay around. I post the quest and wait, and then Seiggy shows up. Takes one look at the quest and goes "I've never fought Fatalis yet." I joke that it can be practice and prep for Iceborne in a few days. Then I take a look at his armor and overwhelming dread sets in.

Heat Cancel.

Capture Guru.

Trap Master.

Pro Transporter.

I asked if they had any better armor to use and they said no, but they were working on it. Well "working on it" doesn't really work when you're about to fight one of the strongest and cheapest monsters in the game. And considering they were able to sign up to do the quest, they clearly had fought or gotten carried past Ahtal-Ka.

But I decided to be diplomatic. I asked that they not suck. A tall order when they were going into the fight cold with a build that had only a small, and very situational usage when delivering cannonballs to the cannons.

My expectations were extraordinarily low going in, but to their credit, they only carted once, quite a ways into the fight to boot. They were able to understand when I wanted Fatty lured close to the Dragonator and positioned themselves appropriately, made use of Pro Transporter partway into the fight to hammer Fatty with cannonballs (not a huge help but it helped us along) and in general holding their own. Ultimately Fatty fell about 20 minutes in, not a bad match at all considering what my partner had going for them.

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I even felt super bad too. I wanted to offer to help them farm the Ahtal-Ka set so at least they'd have a fairly versatile set of armor that they could use going forward, but they said they needed to leave.

Moral of the story: sometimes it's worth giving people a chance even if your instincts fear the worst. It's an easy trap to latch onto the meta as the metric for whether or not you should bring another player along in a hunt, and yes, to an extent that does play a role. But the human element should never be discounted.


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