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Zin LBG Slicing meta build

In the meta, there are currently 2 main builds that I’ve been testing for zin slicing. Although mango slice/sticky is much more comfortable and can 100% kill a monster with its ammo, zin lbg is insanely braindead and fun in its own right. The DPS is one of the best with how broken slicing+RFU3 is, concentrated on a weak spot with crit. However, one massive downside is the limited 60 slicing (72 after accounting for 20% SS procs) you get before replenishing, and unless your aim is on speed runner tier you would most certainly need to have normal 2 as your backup which increases your hunting time by quite a bit.

With both sets, the staple is WEX3,SS3,RFU3, recoil/reload3 and steadiness 1(for temper).

The first build adds ammo up 2 and crit boost 3, bringing a crit to 1.4x with 60% affinity.

The latter adds AB4, crit eye 4 and crit boost 1. This tops up the crit to 1.3x with 80% affinity. This is possible because of how efficient Kaiser helm is. It is also possible to get CE 5 or more with better charms, and I am currently equipped with CE5, using a SS2 with 3 slot talisman.

Here are my findings using test dummy, damage on the head, no fanning manoeuvre.

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1) 34 no crit, 48 crit Ranges from 250-292

Average of 10 slicing: 268.2

2) 38 no crit, 48 crit Ranges from 259-292

Average of 10 slicing: 283.2

On paper, both builds have the same for highest damage on a crit, but build 2 has a higher damage for non crit, as well as the generally higher affinity chance for crits to happen, resulting in a higher average damage per ammo. Note that this is NOT DPS, since it doesn’t account for SS3/Ammo up 2 in the first build which reduces reload time and hence improving DPS despite a lower average damage number.

The problem with the first build is: a bigger ammo size doesn’t mean more slicing shots. Even though you theoretically shoot faster due to lesser reload and more chance for SS to proc (which translates to higher dps), this becomes a problem when you run out of slicing, and your damage will plummet with normal 2s. (Treat ammo up 2 with SS3 as a 3.6 ammo clip).

The damage is without a doubt higher for the second set. Having CB drop from 3 to 1 is only a 10% decrease in crit dmg, even lesser given how little affinity you have for the first build (60%) compared to the 2nd (80-90%). Without Kaiser helm and losing CB completely, the first build would likely win in every aspect. Now with the added AB4 and CE4-6, your damage per shot is higher which translates to more efficient ammo usage, reducing the possibility to replenish at base camp.

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Hence, for those who want to try something new, I implore you to give the 2nd build a shot if you’re new to gunning. As your aim gets closer to speed run level, the first set MAY net a faster run time with the lesser reload animation, but the 2nd set is infinitely more comfy and allows for more room to miss your slicing shots.

I’ll upload more LBG content in the future, let me know what interests you guys, cheers!

Edit: my second build is built with my charm, so this will differ for everyone, and you should use the armour set builder to build the armour set suited to your charms.

Zin LBG long barrel and attack ramp up

Kaiser Crown

Vaik Mail S

Jyura Vambraces

Anja Coil S

Ingot Greaves S

Spare shot 2 with lvl 3 slot

Decos: absorber/quickload 3 each, 3 salvo, 1 sniper, 3 tenderizer, 1 thrift.


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